Sunday, 24 May 2015

On the farm topic theme resources pack


I have created an ‘on the farm’ themed resource pack for preschool children in the EYFS. This usually consists of children up to the age of five, but some of these activities will be suitable for older children.
These on the farm resources include worksheets, print and play games and activity planners.
There are over 100 pages in this pack, and is available for instant download for only £1.00

In this preschool teaching pack you will receive:

Five little ducks counting cards. 
These can be used as visual props whilst singing the nursery rhyme, or as a math activity. ‘can you find the card with three ducks etc.’

Animal names and pictures.
These can be laminated and used in the writing area. They can also be used as a matching activity.

Fruit and vegetable cards
These can be laminated and used in the writing area, for displays, or to play games with. You could put them in play dough and children have to ‘harvest’ the fruit and vegetables.

Nursery rhyme ducks.
Print and cut these out. You can then add a paper clip to them. Children have to use a homemade fishing rod (with a magnet attached) to catch a duck. The children then get to sing the nursery rhyme on the duck.

Old Mc Donald had a farm book.
On each page, there is a picture for the children to colour. There are also the words to the nursery rhyme. The animal sound is written in dotted font so older children can copy on top of the word. The children can then use their book during circle time whilst singing the song.

On the farm bingo board.
There are four colourful pictures on each bingo board. I would suggest laminating the boards and cards to prevent them getting damaged.
Four on the farm print and colour bookmarks for children to decorate.

Hand writing paper.
There are five different designs to choose from.

There are two different designs to choose from. Simply print them out and children can colour them in. Cut the pieces out and let the children put them back together.

Matching cards.
Children have to match the farm animals head to its body.

Matching letters.
Children can match the upper case letter to the lower case letter. You can either use as a worksheets or cut out the ducks, and use as a matching game. 

A ten paged math booklet.
This book looks at:

  • Big and small.
  • Colour by number
  • Matching cows spots to numeral.
  • I can count.
  • Matching colours.
  • Patterns.
  • Four colour recognition pages – red, yellow, blue and green.

Bowling labels.
There are 10 colourful labels that you can print out and stick onto empty bottles. Children then have to get a soft ball and knock the skittles over.

I am a …
These pages are more suitable for older preschool children. Children have to cut out the animals name and write a super sentence about that animal.

Colouring book.
A 15 paged on the farm colouring book.

Piggy bank.
This consists of four large and two small piggy bank labels to decorate a box. (a piggy bank) It also includes three pages of paper coins. 

Reward chart.
A farmer print and colour reward chart. Children get to colour in a pig when displaying positive behaviour.

Reward certificate.
A star of the week reward chart to accompany the ‘on the farm’ theme.

Three filled in ‘on the farm’ weekly activity planners.
A ten paged weekly activity document to compliment the weekly activity planners.
A ten paged ‘on the farm’ themed activity ideas document.
A blank weekly activity planner to use for your own planning.

Frozen princesses topic theme resources pack.

In this 51 paged frozen inspired themed resources pack you will receive:
  • make a cvc word activity.
  • count and clip cards
  • boys and girl styled reward chart
  • a blank activity planner
  • alphabet bunting.
  • door hangers.
  • labels - could be used for coat pegs or 'who's here board'
  • pencil control worksheet.
  • placemats
  • writing pages
  • I can spell sight words activity
  • jigsaws
  • lets read bookmark for children to decorate.
This pack is available for instant download for only £1.00.

**the images in this resources pack are not the official images from the movie 'FROZEN' and the resources ideas are not taken from the movie they are created by myself 'mummygtalksparenting'**

Huge under the sea and ocean topic resources pack for preschool.

I have created an under the sea resources pack for children in the EYFS. This usually includes children from birth to five years. However some of the products in this pack will be suitable for older children too.

These under the sea resources include worksheets, print and play games, classroom decor, activity planners and crafts for children to do. 

This huge pack consists of 200 pages 

Right now let’s get on to showing you what you will receive in this under the sea teachers resources pack:

Under the sea math book.

In this 15 paged math book you will receive the following worksheets and games:

  • Can you colour in 5 crabs.
  • Can you match the mirror images?
  • Can you make 5?
  • Colour by number.
  • Simple graph.
  • Recognising big and little.
  • Numeral and number cards. - Print out two copies and use for matching games, snap, who can find the...
  • Following simple patterns.
  • Can you draw 5 fish?
  • Simple picture addition.
  • How many can you count?
  • Count and match to numeral.
  • How many dolphins can you count?
  • Can you colour in three fish.

Under the sea colour recognition book.
In this colour recognition work book you will receive the following worksheets and games:

  • Two can you match the colours worksheets.
  • A colour in the seahorse page.
  • Eight colour posters. Each poster has a colourful seahorse. The colour is written in dotted print enabling children to practice writing over the word. These would be lovely to use as a display. The colours of the seahorses are: yellow, red, purple, pink, orange, green, white and blue.
  • A how many red fish can you count worksheet?
  • Colour seahorse cards. You can use them for matching games, snap, can you find the...

Under the sea number line.

This under the sea number line needs to be printed onto A5 paper. It goes from 1 - 10.

Under the sea jigsaws.

There are 6 different jigsaws that you can print out. Children have to colour the picture and cut on the lines to make their jigsaw. They can then stick it back together again on another piece of paper. If you wanted to keep the jigsaws you could print them out on card and once the children have coloured them in and cut them out they could be laminated.

Under the sea initial letters workbook.

In this initial letters workbook you will find the following worksheets and games:

Seven initial letter copying worksheets, for example 's is for shark'
Four 'find the initial letter' worksheets.
Two colour by letter worksheets.
A cut out and matching game. Children have to match the initial letter to the word.
A 'find the pictures that begin with s' worksheet.

Two alphabet lines.

One of the alphabet lines includes the letter of the alphabet and a cute 'under the sea' image. The image does not match the letter. This needs to be printed onto A5 paper.

The other alphabet line consists of the letter, an 'under the sea' themed picture of the animal that begins with that letter, and the name of it. This is printed onto A4.

Under the sea phonic cards.

There are 8 pages of phonic cards. You will need to print them out twice and cut them out. They can then be used for matching games. I have included the following sounds: s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e,u,r,h,b,f,ff,l,ll,s,ss,j,v,w,x,y,z,zz,qu.

Under the sea sight words.

There are seven pages of sight words, which gives you 40 sight words. The sight words are inside a fish template. You can either print it out twice and use them as matching cards, or you can add a paper clip to the fish, and encourage your children to catch a word. (To make a fishing rod just tie some string to a stick and add a small magnet to the end of the string. The magnet will stick to the paper clip on the sight word fish.)

Under the sea writing pages.

There are nine cute designed writing pages for you to print out for your children. They can use them for free writing or to use for display work.

Under the sea - I have.. who has?.. game.
This is an easy and fun game for children to play. You print out the colourful cards and give one to each child in the group. Each child has an animal and they need to find the person who has the other animal on their card. It is a good game to play at circle time.

Under the sea scavenger hunt.

This scavenger hunt consists of twelve under the sea animals to cut out and hide. Each child is then given the list, with the pictures and words of the sea animals. The first one to find all the animals is the winner.

Can you move like a ... card game?
There are five A5 cards in this game. This game would work well for a warm up during circle time. You can show the card and the children have to move around like the animal on the picture.

A sea animal drawing book.

There are 10 pages in this sea animal drawing book. Children have to copy over the animals name and draw a picture of the animal in the box underneath. They can write their name in the handwriting lines on the front page. These would make a lovely book to send home for parents to keep.

Under the sea themed days of the week.

You can use these days of the week printable to create an under the sea themed day board. Included in these printable are:
Today is..
Tomorrow is..
Yesterday was..
Monday - Sunday.
5 shark images to use to decorate your day board.

Under the sea name labels.

There are 20 different designed name labels. 10 of them are in colour and the other 10 in black and white. These could be used for coat pegs or draw labels.

Under the sea door hangers.

There are five different designs which children can add their name to and cut out and colour. 

Under the sea bookmarks.

There are two different designs for children to choose from. There is room on the bookmark to add their name and the book they are reading.

Reward charts and certificates.

There are four different types of reward charts and an A5 reward certificate to help promote positive behaviour in the classroom.

Under the sea activity planners.
I have included the following documents to help you plan educational activities for your under the sea theme:

A seven paged under the sea activity ideas document.
A fifteen paged under the sea book list to compliment the theme.
Three filled in weekly activity planners.
A sixteen paged weekly activity planner document which looks at the activities in the filled in weekly activity planners in more detail.
A blank weekly activity planner.

This is available for instant download for only £1.00...

How to make home made clay.

This home made clay is really simple to make and doesn't consist of many ingredients. All you need is:

75g of bicarbonate of soda.
75g of cornflour.
100g of salt.

  1. In a saucepan mix together the bicarbonate of soda, the salt and 80ml of water. Bring it to the boil.
  2. In a bowl mix together the cornflour and 60ml of water. Stir it well.
  3. Once the salt water has boiled take it straight off the heat and mix in the cornflour and water.
  4. Keep stirring vigorously until it forms into a thick dough.
  5. Kneed the dough for a couple of minutes whilst it is cooling.

You can then use the clay to make whatever you like. We made a monster and a hand print ornament. 

We put the clay in the airing cupboard to help it harden. Once it is dry you can then paint your creations.

FREEBIE 'My daily diary' printable for childminders and nurseries.

I have created some free 'My daily diary' printables for childcarers. There are a couple of designs to choose from.
All designs are set out on A4 and cannot be customised. 
Just choose the design you prefer and follow the link. You can then download the pdf file straight from Google.

You need to have a recent update of adobe reader to view and print out these printables. You can download adobe reader for free here.

There is also another page with space to add the child's: 
'planned activities/ child initiated activities.'
and 'next steps'

Please choose from one of the following designs.

  1. Blue monkey.
  2. Blue owl
  3. Blue design
  4. Cute boy
  5. Cute girl
  6. Pink flower
  7. Pink owl
  8. Pink design

FREEBIE - All about me book.

This freebie 'all about me' printable book consists of ten pages which can be stapled together to make a book.

Each page consists of a different activity for children, such as:
  • This is me - self portrait page where children can draw a picture of themselves or stick on a photo.
  • My family page - where children can draw a picture of their family, or stick on a family photo.
  • I have page - where children used the handwriting guide to write the colour of their hair and eyes.
  • A counting and measuring page - where children need to measure themselves, record their weight and count how many fingers and toes they have.
  • I like page - where children can colour in their favourite foods.
  • My favourite colour page - where children can practice their writing skills by attempting to write their favourite colour in the handwriting guides, and then colouring or decorating the teddy bear.
  • I am page - where children fill in their age and add the correct number of candles to the cake. They can then decorate the cake.
  • My hand print page - where children need to paint their hands and print it onto the paper.
  • My friends page - where children can draw a picture of their friends or add a photo.

This printable book is available for free download, click here to download.

This is a pdf file and you will need to have a copy of adobe reader to view and download this all about me book. You can download the software for free here.

Lets learn colours and shapes resources pack.

In this lets learn colours and shapes resources pack you will receive 100 pages of printable games and activities to introduce shapes and colours to your children in a fun exciting way.

This is available for instant download from my store for only £1.00. Click here to download. If you are not a member of TPT then you can easily set up a free account. You will then be able to download resources straight from my store to your computer.

In this pack you will receive:

  • A 'I have.. who has..' shape game. This is excellent for recognising shapes and working together.
  • shape pattern boards with matching shape cards.
  • A shape pizza - use the shapes to decorate the pizza.
  • A shape scavenger hunt work book.
  • colour pattern boards
  • colour bingo.
  • dinosaur colour cards
  • mini beast colour cards.
  • teddy bear colour cards.
  • transport colour cards.
  • my colour book
  • my shape book.
  • more pattern boards
  • colour worksheets
  • shape faces poster
  • seahorse colour worksheets
  • A 3 set of posters - colours, shapes and numbers.