Monday, 21 July 2014

On the farm craft - corn on the cob

As we are working on our ‘on the farm’ theme, I thought I would introduce toddler girl to the fact that ‘farms’ are not just about animals, and that most farmers grow crops.

We had attempted to grow sweet corn last year in our ‘backyard’ farm, but even though the leaves had grown, there was no sweet corn inside. You can find our story here.

We looked at some images of corn growing in fields. I then found an image of a corn on the cob to print out.

We used dried lentils for the corn, and shredded green tissue paper for the plant.

Toddler girl enjoyed decorating the corn, and picking up the tiny lentils was an excellent activity to promote her fine motor skills.

Mummy G

Sunday, 20 July 2014

EYFS 'on the farm' topic theme resources pack for preschool.

I have created an ‘on the farm’ themed resource pack for preschool children in the EYFS. This usually consists of children up to the age of five, but some of these activities will be suitable for older children.

These on the farm resources include worksheets, print and play games and activity planners.

There are over 100 pages in this pack, and it is for sale for only £1.00

In this preschool teaching pack you will receive:

Five little ducks counting cards.
These can be used as visual props whilst singing the nursery rhyme, or as a math activity. ‘can you find the card with three ducks etc.’

Animal names and pictures.
 These can be laminated and used in the writing area. They can also be used as a matching activity.

Fruit and vegetable cards.
These can be laminated and used in the writing area, for displays, or to play games with. You could put them in play dough and children have to ‘harvest’ the fruit and vegetables.

Nursery rhyme ducks.
 Print and cut these out. You can then add a paper clip to them. Children have to use a homemade fishing rod (with a magnet attached) to catch a duck. The children then get to sing the nursery rhyme on the duck.

Old Mc Donald had a farm book.
On each page, there is a picture for the children to colour. There are also the words to the nursery rhyme. The animal sound is written in dotted font so older children can copy on top of the word. The children can then use their book during circle time whilst singing the song.

On the farm bingo board.
There are four colourful pictures on each bingo board. I would suggest laminating the boards and cards to prevent them getting damaged.

Four on the farm print and colour bookmarks for children to decorate.

Hand writing paper.
There are five different designs to choose from.

There are two different designs to choose from. Simply print them out and children can colour them in. Cut the pieces out and let the children put them back together.

Matching cards.
Children have to match the farm animals head to its body.

Matching letters.
Children can match the upper case letter to the lower case letter. You can either use as a worksheets or cut out the ducks, and use as a matching game.

A ten paged math booklet.
This book looks at:
Big and small.
Colour by number
Matching cows spots to numeral.
I can count.
Matching colours.
Four colour recognition pages – red, yellow, blue and green.

Bowling labels.
There are 10 colourful labels that you can print out and stick onto empty bottles. Children then have to get a soft ball and knock the skittles over.

I am a …
These pages are more suitable for older preschool children. Children have to cut out the animals name and write a super sentence about that animal.

Colouring book.
A 15 paged on the farm colouring book.

Piggy bank.
This consists of four large and two small piggy bank labels to decorate a box. (a piggy bank) It also includes three pages of paper coins.

Reward chart.
A farmer print and colour reward chart. Children get to colour in a pig when displaying positive behaviour.

Reward certificate.
A star of the week reward chart to accompany the ‘on the farm’ theme.

Three filled in ‘on the farm’ weekly activity planners.
A ten paged weekly activity document to compliment the weekly activity planners.
A ten paged ‘on the farm’ themed activity ideas document.
A blank weekly activity planner to use for your own planning.

A credits page.

You can purchase this from my etsy store by clicking here.

 If you prefer ebay click here.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Our summer bucket list.

The boys are breaking up for summer, and I can't wait. I love the lazy mornings and the summer days. The boys love to play out in the street with their friends, but sometimes they like to do fun activities with their mum too. :)
So I am busy setting up my summer bucket list. I am hoping to do most of the activities from this list and post the pictures on my facebook page. Click here to follow me on facebook :)

I will be linking up some of the ideas to other websites, so please feel free to follow the links, if you need more information about an idea. I also have a summer theme board on pinterest which you can find here.

So here we go.. here is my bucket list :) (It includes indoor and outdoor ideas)

  1. foot print painting in the garden.
  2. making bubbles - we used a cup of water, 4 tbsp of washing up liquid and 2tbsp of glycerine (in the baking aisle)
  3. learn how to make different loom bands.
  4. Make some chalk for the garden.
  5. face painting.
  6. make some bird feeders for the garden.
  7. play with water balloons. If you use real balloons they take longer to pop. we like to play catch with them until they eventually pop on someone :)
  8. Make some fossils using salt dough. 
  9. Make a sun catcher.
  10. Make some family comics. 
  11. Use our homemade chalk to draw a hopscotch board on the floor.
  12. Painting with water in the garden.
  13. Spray painting on a large sheet in the garden.
  14. Go on a bear hunt in the woods.
  15. Set up a treasure hunt with a real prize.
  16. Flip flop painting.
  17. Make our own pet rocks.
  18. Make some paper fans.
  19. Create a fairy garden.
  20. Make a kite.
  21. Go fishing. 
  22. Make our own fishing rod with a large stick, string and a magnet.
  23. Make some paper boats and float them on the river, or a paddling pool.
  24. Press some flowers.
  25. Make a daisy chain.
  26. Butterfly printing.
  27. Make some ice-cream.
  28. play in the paddling pool.
  29. Play with ice in the water tray.
  30. Ice experiments - add food colouring and salt to ice.
  31. make some ice-cream sodas.
  32. make some melted crayons.
  33. Use a magnifying glass to burn a hole in leaves. (adult supervision is required)
  34. play volley ball on the beach.
  35. make some pom pom shooters.
  36. make a natural materials mobile.
  37. make a milk bottle watering can.
  38. Make tents in the garden.
  39. Read stories outside.
  40. Make a summer scrapbook.
  41. Make a beaded caterpillar.
  42. Make some bouncing bubbles.
  43. A water fight.
  44. Go on a bike ride.
  45. Make some slime

Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments. I would love to hear them.
Hope you all have a lovely summer :)

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