Friday, 25 July 2014

personalised print and colour reward charts.

I have created some print and colour reward charts. 
These can be purchased for only 50 pence each. Just click on the buy it now button and choose the design you would like. Dont forget to send a message with the child's name.
I will email the reward chart to your pay pal email address. 
You can then download it and print it out as many times as you like.

Reward Charts.

I love to read.

This would be ideal for encouraging your children to read. Children can colour in a cute smiley reading a book everytime they have done some independent reading. You could decide on a special treat for them to receive when they have coloured in all the pictures.

Under the sea

I have created a cute 'under the sea' themed reward chart.
This would be ideal for behaviour management or potty training. 

This would be ideal for behaviour management or potty training. I am sure it would be loved by any Gruffalo fan. 

On the farm

Perfect for farm lovers or to use during your 'on the farm' theme
This would be ideal for behaviour management or potty training. 
Children can colour in a pig for good behaviour. You can decide on a 'special treat' for them to recieve once they have coloured in the last pig.


our circle pig

I really enjoyed doing this activity with toddler girl. I was surprised by how well she managed to do it without my help.

Toddler girl sat lovely whilst I cut out the different sized circles. She talked about ‘big’ and ‘baby’ circles and began to line them up in sizes and group them together.

Once all the circles had been cut out, I explained what we were going to do. I showed her that the biggest circle was the pigs’ body, and then I asked if she could find the pigs head. I was pleasantly surprised when she gave me the next biggest circle.

I told toddler girl what each circle represented and she decided where they would go on the pigs’ body.

When I gave her a ‘body part’, she would match it to her own body part. “Pig nose… girl nose” She made me giggle when I gave her the pigs’ tail. She looked at me and then round at her bottom. She looked confused for a minute. “Pig tail… no girl tail”

After we had finished the activity Toddler girl came running over to me with a silk scarf, She held it up to me “ Girl tail” Laughing I tied it around her waist and she ran around the room wiggling her tail J

I cheated and drew around different sized circles.

Toddler girl started putting the circles into groups.

She lined them up and began to count them.

She enjoyed gluing the circles and sticking them into place.

"pig nose... girl nose"

"pig ears... girl ears"

Nearly finished

Sticking on the eyes.

Drawing the mouth :)

This craft goes well with our ‘on the farm’ theme.

Click here to find more 'on the farm' themed activities, crafts and resources.

Mummy G

Monday, 21 July 2014

On the farm craft - corn on the cob

As we are working on our ‘on the farm’ theme, I thought I would introduce toddler girl to the fact that ‘farms’ are not just about animals, and that most farmers grow crops.

We had attempted to grow sweet corn last year in our ‘backyard’ farm, but even though the leaves had grown, there was no sweet corn inside. You can find our story here.

We looked at some images of corn growing in fields. I then found an image of a corn on the cob to print out.

We used dried lentils for the corn, and shredded green tissue paper for the plant.

Toddler girl enjoyed decorating the corn, and picking up the tiny lentils was an excellent activity to promote her fine motor skills.

Mummy G

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