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Incy, wincy spider EYFS activity ideas.

Incy, wincy spider,
Put thumbs to baby fingers. 
climbed up the water spout,
take bottom thumb and finger away from each other, and twist hands so they meet again at the top.
down came the rain,
wiggle fingers downwards like rain coming down
and washed poor incy out.
push hands outwards.
Out came the sunshine,
move hands around in a large circle, with fingers out stretched
and dried up all the rain,
wiggle fingers upwards
so Incy, wincy spider,
Put thumbs to baby fingers.
climbed up the spout again.
take bottom thumb and finger away from each other, and twist hands so they meet again at the top.

EYFS activity ideas

After singing the nursery rhyme to your child, why don't you try one of these activities to further their learning.

Personal, social and emotional development.

  • Explore feelings - how do you think the spider would feel when the rain washed him out.
  • Where do you think the spider was going? Was he going to meet some friends? Who would be his friends?
  • Discuss any feelings children have towards spiders. Try and show spiders in a positive light.

Physical development.

  • Pretend to be a spider and crawl around the room.
  • Thread a spiders web. Use a paper plate, and hole punch around the edges. Use string or some sparkly wool, to thread through the holes.
  • Make your own spiders web using tissue paper. Blue-tack it to the walls, and encourage your children to crawl in and out of it.
  • Play spider and fly, this is basically just tig. :)
  • Make spiders by rolling balls of play dough and poking in pipe cleaners for legs.

Communication and language.


  • Count using spiders.
  • Make a number line using spider pictures.
  • Count how many legs spiders have.
  • Add and subtract using spiders.
  • Write the numbers 1-8 around a paper plate spider body, write the numbers on lolly sticks. Match the numbered lolly stick to it corresponding number on the spiders body.
  • Make spider cakes - encourage children to help out by weighing out ingredients, putting the correct number of cake cases into the tray.

Understanding the world.

  • Look at how spiders build their web click here to find a video by David Attenborough about how spiders create their webs.
  • Go on a bug hunt, and try and find your own 'incy wincy spider', take some photos of their webs.
  • Talk about the weather, do your children prefer the sun shine or the rain, what other types of weather are there.
  • Look at how spiders catch the fly in their web, and why the spider doesn't get stuck in its own web. wonderopolis answers this question, and other questions about spiders webs.


  • Look at the words in the nursery rhyme.
  • Practice writing words using different media... paint, sand shaving foam...
  • Make a spider alphabet line.
  • Stick spider letters together to make a word.

Expressive arts and design.

  • Make a weather mobile with a spider attached.
  • Make handprint spiders.
  • Make a spider out of craft materials.
  • Make a collage spider.
  • Make your own spiders web. Try using string, or silver glitter on black paper.

You can find many other ideas on my incy wincy spider pinterest board.

Feel free to add you own 'Incy, wincy spider' ideas in the comments, I would love to hear them. :)

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