Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween activities

We have had a wonderful half term week, spending some good quality time together and getting all crafty over Halloween. We have done lots of quick and easy Halloween themed activities that you can easily have a go at with your children. I think I have overloaded my tablet with photos from all the fun we have been having.

Halloween Witches brew.

The boys wanted to make some witches brew, being a lover of messy play, I thought this was an excellent way to spend my time :) It was also a wonderful sensory activity.

We had lots of fun creating this lovely gooey mess, here's a step by step guide on what we did. :)

First we cooked the worms (spaghetti) in water and food colouring, when they were cooked we added some more green food colouring into it.

We saved the water that we cooked the spaghetti in.

We added pumpkin confetti, spiders (the plastic ones), lentils and melon seeds that we had burnt in the oven into our bowl.

The boys enjoyed playing with it, when they had finished we decided to add the coloured water.

The boys decided that they had to play with it again. :)

We talked about how witches chant spells whilst mixing their potion. The boys decided they were going to make a spell. They wrote and decorated their spell.

We then dyed them in cold tea and dried them out in a warm oven.

They then scrunched up their spells, and I burn some of the corners off.

They then had to make their witches wands. We rolled up a piece of A4 paper, and they decorated it. :)

They enjoyed chanting their spells. :)

This was a very messy activity, but it was one that the boys really enjoyed. It kept them occupied for a long time, and they even sat and fished out all the pumpkins and spiders at the end of the activity so we could use them again. :)

 Halloween craft activities.

The little-ones enjoyed using the cookie cutters to do some printing with paint.

We made some Halloween necklaces with some cotton, pumpkin confetti and pom-poms.

Spooky Halloween food.

We made some Halloween home-made pizza using the Halloween cookie cutters.

They were also treated to Halloween sandwiches, spider tomatoes and pumpkin cucumbers.

For their pudding they were treated to bloody jelly with rotting jelly babies and spiders crawling on the top :)

I hope you enjoyed reading our Halloween activities post, and I hope you manage to get some fun from our Halloween ideas.

Have a spooky one :)

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