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Twinkle, twinkle little star EYFS activity ideas



Twinkle, twinkle little star, 

open and close hands.
How I wonder, what you are,
turn hands so palms are facing upwards
Up above the world so high,
point up to the sky
Like a diamond in the sky,
make a diamond shape with thumbs and index fingers.
Twinkle, twinkle little star,
open and close hands
How I wonder what you are.
turn hands so palms are facing upwards.

  EYFS activity ideas

After singing the nursery rhyme to your child, why don't you try one of these activities to further their learning.

Personal, social and emotional development.

  • Talk about what it would feel like to be a star in the sky... would you feel lonely? Who would be your friends?
  • Make emotion faces to go on starts. Talk about how our faces show our emotions. Discuss and name the emotions we feel.


  • Make star shapes in play dough.
  • Make some star shaped biscuits, or star shaped sandwiches.
  • make an origami star.
  • Threading stars or thread around a star picture.
  • cut out a star.
  • make a star out of lolly sticks.

Communication and language.

  • look at the stars when it goes dark, how many stars can you see? which is the brightest star?
  • read the north star book by Peter H. Reynolds.


  • Practice drawing stars in a variety of mediums, for example paint, flour, sand...


  • Make a 3D  star out of cardboard, you could paint it and hang it from the ceiling of their bedroom.
  • Count the sides and the points on a star.
  • turn a star picture into a jigsaw, talk about the shapes that make up a star. A pentagon and five triangles.

Understanding the world.

  • Look through a telescope and try and find some stars.
  • look at the stars when it goes dark, how many stars can you see? which is the brightest star?
  • look at how its dark its night in some places in the world when its daytime for us.
  • Explore a star sensory box.

Expressive arts and design.

  • Draw a picture of a star and decorate it. Don't forget to add some glitter to make it sparkle.
  • Make a star wand.
  • Make a star headband.
  • make a star mobile.
  • use a star cookie cutter for printing.

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