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Autumn theme- Activity ideas

I recently posted a toddler weekly planner on Autumn, but I thought I would share some of our other ideas around the Autumn theme.

All ideas have been grouped into the areas of learning which I feel they best fits into. However some ideas would probably fit into different areas.

Feel free to use any ideas, and remember to follow me on pinterest to find other ideas. and further links to the following ideas.


Personal, social and emotional development:

  • Make a feeling tree
  • Make a handprint family tree
  • Make a leaf dream catcher. Discuss how it catches dreams. Talk about the bad dreams that children may have had. Let them take their dream catcher home to catch all there bad dreams.
  • Make a bug hotel

 Physical development:

  • Go on a nature walk.
  • Splash in muddy puddles.
  • Apple bobbing.
  • Leaf threading.
  • Jumping in leaves.
  • Jump across the room or garden but only land on leaves.
  • Throw leaves and try to catch them with a net before they fall on the floor.
  • Play the conker and spoon race.
  • Sensory play - exploring goop and leaves.
  • Make and play with apple scented rice.
  • Make a hopscotch game, instead of drawing squares, draw a simple leaf shape.
  • Cut around leaf shapes.
  • Pretend to be a leaf that has fallen off the tree, will the wind blow you around, when will you fall to the ground.
  • Make a nature garland.

Communication and language.

  • Go on a scavenger hunt. Find objects that begin with a letter or sound.
  • Go on an outdoor sound hunt.
  • Talk about hibernation. What would you take in your den with you? Where would you hibernate?
  • Make bird feeders - discuss why its important to feed birds during autumn and winter.
  • Make a leaf nursery rhyme game. Cut out leaf shapes from different coloured paper, write a nursery rhyme on each leaf. Stick leaves onto a paper or stick tree. Choose a child to go and pick a leaf, and then sing that song.
  • Read Autumn stories.
  • Set up an Autumn exploring table. Write the name of objects, so children can begin to see that objects can be labelled.
  • Look at big and little leaves/ twigs.
  • Make leaf biscuits, explain and talk about what you are doing.
  • Look at and discuss the colour of different leaves, and why they go crispy or soggy.
  • Make sequence cards of a leaf's life. From spring to autumn.
  • Find rhyming words which relate to the autumn theme... tree, stick..
  • Talk about the changing seasons.


  • Practice writing autumn words in a variety of mediums. Paint, sand, shaving foam..
  • Make an alphabet tree.
  • Hang letters or sight words off a real tree.
  • Write a poem together about Autumn.
  • Make a leaf alphabet line.
  • Draw your own pattern on a leaf print out.
  • Make a book o Autumn words.


  • Apple bowling/ leaf bowling. Cut out the shape you prefer and stick them onto empty pop bottles. Number them one - ten.
  • Counting using pinecones.
  • Matching the amount of autumn items, to the number written on the floor with chalk.
  • Comparing sizes of leaves, twigs, conkers etc.
  • Explore the colours of different leaves. Try matching different types of colour together.
  • Look for animal prints. Make your own animal prints in dirt, wet sand, shaving foam..
  • Make bark rubbings of different trees, look at the pattern.
  • Sorting using leaves, seeds, pinecones...
  • Counting, and colour sorting with different coloured pumpkin seeds.
  • Make an autumn number line
  • Make an autumn picture jigsaw.
  • make patterns with different natural autumn materials 

Understanding the world:

  • floating and sinking with autumn natural materials.
  • take a magnifying glass and go out on a nature adventure.
  • Learn why leaves change colour.
  • Create an autumn sensory bin.
  • Go on a hunt for some conkers.
  • Look at which animals hibernate.
  • Make prints on play dough with leaves/ sticks.
  • Make toffee apples
  • Make apple volcanoes.
  • Make a map to take with you on a nature hunt.
  • Make a map of where you went on a nature hunt.

Expressive arts and designs:

  • playing with play dough with natural autumn materials.
  • Printing using twigs/ leaves.
  • apple printing.
  • make a leaf man
  • make characters out of conkers, pinecones.
  • printing with wellie boots.
  • Make an autumn lantern.
  • Make a leaf candle holder.
  • Make leaf collages.
  • Make a leaf hedgehog.
  • Make a scarecrow.

Books to read:

  • Count down to fall by Fran Hawk
  • Why do leaves change colour by Betsy Maestro.
  • Autumn - an alphabet acrostic by Steven Schnur.
  • By the light of the harvest moon by Harriet Ziefert.
  • In November by Cynthia Rylant.
  • Red leaf, yellow leaf by Louis Ehert.
  • Awesome autumn by Bruce Goldstone.
  • The very helpful hedgehog by Rosie Wellesley
  • Autumn with squirrel by Anita Loughrey
  • Pumpkin soup by Helen Cooper
  • Ferdie and the falling leaves by Julia Rawlinson.
  • The listening walk by Paul Showes.

Games to play:

Feel free to add any other ideas you have in the comments. That way we can work together to help each other plan some great activities for children :)

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