Sunday, 17 November 2013

Fun activities to do with balloons.

During the first week of my toddler weekly activity planner I planned for toddler girl to have balloons for her free play activity. After I blew up some balloons I began to wonder what we could do with them. At first I let her free play with them, she went around picking them up and dropping them on the floor. It didn't take very long for her to become bored.

We ended up playing catch with the balloon, which was an excellent activity for her gross motor skills. After playing catch for a little while I began to wonder what else we could do. For future reference I made up a list of different fun activities to do with balloons.

So here goes, this is my list of fun activities to do with balloons. (Feel free to comment, and add any other ideas you can think of) :)

1. Get a pen and draw a funny face on the balloon.

2. Make a balloon man (or lady), connect the balloons together with a small amount of string. Draw a face and sellotape on some string for hair.

3. Play tennis, either with your hands as bats or use another balloon.

4. Play football.

5. Play keepy uppy. See how many times you can hit the balloon into the air before it lands on the floor.

6. Shoot the balloon. Hold the tied bit, pull, and let go :)

7. Turn it into a hot air balloon, and take a small toy for a ride :)

8. Find a large box, put some treasure at the bottom, then fill the box with balloons. If its a child's birthday you could hide a special present at the bottom of the box, and then wrap the box up. :)

9. Play dodge ball.

10. Blow up the balloon and let it go before you tie it up. See who can catch it before it lands.

11. Put some rice into the balloon before you blow it up, and then tie some string on and shake it.

12. Get messy and use your balloon to make printing pictures.

13. Draw a small picture on a deflated balloon, and then blow it up.

14. Take it in turns to see who can blow up the most balloons in 3 minutes. just be careful as this can cause some people to go light headed. :/

15. Use your balloon to make a paper mache hot air balloon, or two masks etc

16. Give each child their own balloon. they have to then either keep it in the air by just blowing it, or try and blow it across the room on the floor.

17. Rub the balloon on your hair to create static, and then stick it to the wall. See how many you can stick onto the wall in 3 minutes.

18. Fill the balloon with water, and take out into the garden on a hot summers day. As its heavier, try playing football with it, until it pops and you get wet :)

19. Make a squidgy balloon, fill it with flour and tie it. Again this activity is probably best done outside!

20. Play volley ball.

Sensory balloons.

You can also use balloons on your sensory table. Try adding different materials in your balloons. Don't blow the balloon up fully, just add a small amount of air so the child can squeeze the balloon. You could try adding:

  • sand
  • rice
  • cotton wool
  • gloop
  • shaving foam
  • lentils
  • bird seed
  • paint
  • water
  • play dough.
How do you like to play with balloons?
Do you have any other fun ideas you would like to share?



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