Friday, 29 November 2013

Making a cardboard castle.

This is a lovely activity to do with slightly older children. It encouraged my boys to work together, and to use their imagination to help find suitable materials to build our castle.

We started off with a large cardboard box. We then cut a door in the box, and cut around the top section to make the turrets.

We used the section we had cut off to make the top level of the castle.

The boys then decided that the turret's were not big enough, so we found some toilet rolls and stuck them on.

We then painted the castle. We had to paint it twice to cover up the print from the box.

We then cut out pieces of paper 10cm by 4cm. We folded it in half and drew a flag design on both sides.  We stuck them around a cocktail stick and sellotaped them onto our turret's.

We painted the inside of the door and the top level red.

We left it to dry over night, and the next day the boys enjoyed playing with it with there little men.

This is our finished work of art :)


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