Monday, 18 November 2013

Toddler weekly activity planner - colours.

Last week we looked at mini beasts and had lots of fun doing our creepy crawly activities. I think working on this topic helped toddler girl with her fear of bugs, as today she managed to touch a slug without running away crying. She even helped me build it a little home in an old flower pot. :)

This weeks activity planner is looking at colours. I have been using colour names for describing objects for a little while now, but this week I would like to concentrate on helping her recognise a couple of colours.

As well as the planned activities I have also included a free play activity for each day. These are my sneaky learning activities, where toddler girl is having fun and learning through play.

I have also included a nursery rhyme a day to the weekly activity planner, as I believe that it is important to sing with your children. I will be sharing the words of the nursery rhymes with you, and looking at further activities you may like to do relating to those nursery rhymes.

There is also a section on her weekly activity planner where I will put a story of the day. I will be writing a review of the book we have read, enabling you to make the decision whether or not to purchase the book yourself.

Adult planned activities, and how it relates to the EYFS.

Physical development - moving and handling

  • Put coloured pom-poms in corresponding coloured toilet roll tubes
  • painting with cotton buds - use food colouring mixed with some water.

Communication and language - speaking.

  • Matching colours using pom-poms, paper clips, lolly sticks... - talk about the colours, and how we can match the same colours together.
  • Colour mixing, using coloured water - talk about what is happening.
  • Make salt rainbows - drizzle glue on the paper, sprinkle on the salt, add a few drops of food colouring, watch and discuss what happens when you add drops of food colouring.
  • coloured ice in the water tray - use normal water, and discuss what happens when the ice melts.
Communication and language - listening and attention

  • Make a colour wheel - spin the wheel and find something the same colour
 Understanding the world - technology

  • playing colour games on a tablet, computer...we use the following apps:
  • kids balloon game: colours - little sprog industries
  • toddler colours - russpuppy
  • toddler colouring book free - rad lemur kids games

Mathematics - number

  • count using different coloured feathers - how many red feathers, how many green feathers.....

Expressive arts and design - exploring and using media and materials

  • Colour splats - using a pipette, squeeze drops of food colouring onto kitchen roll. Watch as it spreads.
  • Make and play with different coloured sand - we mixed food colouring into our sand.
  • Coloured shaving foam -use either paint or food colouring.
  • finger paints - try mixing colours together.

Playing and exploring - finding out and exploring.

  • Make different coloured foam dough.

Free play activities:

  • Dressing up, encourage your children to dress themselves.
  • Soft balls and large boxes - developing toddlers ability to throw and catch.
  • Kitchen - having fun with role play.
  • Playhouses, tents and tunnels - having fun whilst developing gross motor skills.
  • cars and garage.
  • Free colouring - developing fine motor skills.
  • Farm set - using their imagination.


  • five little speckled frogs.
  • Hey diddle diddle.
  • Jack and Jill.
  • Mary had a little lamb.
  • Rock-a-bye baby.
  • Round and round the garden.
  • Sing a song of sixpence.


  • Van Gogh's world of colour - Julie Algner-Clark
  • Elmers colours - David McKee
  • What colour are your knickers - Sam Lloyd
  • What colour is love - Linda Strachan
  • Red rockets and rainbow jelly - Sue Heap.
  • Brown bear, brown bear - Eric Carle
  • The mixed up chameleon - Eric Carle

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