Friday, 8 November 2013

Toddler weekly activity planner - mini beasts

Last week we looked at shapes and had lots of fun doing our activities.

This weeks activity planner is looking at mini beasts. I particularly wanted to look at this with Toddler girl as she had suddenly developed a slight fear of worms.

This was all my fault and I feel incredibly guilty about it.

 We were walking home from school the other morning. It was a wet morning, and I decided to show toddler girl a worm. I picked it up and held it out to her.

She took one look at it and began to scream. I quickly dropped the worm, and tried my best to calm her down.

Unfortunately there were lots of worms on the floor on the way home. Toddler girl became more and more distressed as we walked past more and more worms.

I am hoping through looking at mini beasts in a fun way she will hopefully come round to the fact that they are not really that scary, or at least tolerate the fact that they will share a pavement with her on wet mornings.

Once again I have included a section on her weekly activity plan, where I encourage toddler girl to play freely with an activity. These are my sneaky learning activities, where toddler girl is having fun and learning through play. 

I have also included a nursery rhyme a day to the weekly activity planner, as I believe that it is important to sing with your children. I will be sharing the words of the nursery rhymes with you, and looking at further activities you may like to do relating to those nursery rhymes.

There is also a section on her weekly activity planner where I will put a story of the day. I will be writing a review of the book we have read, enabling you to make the decision whether or not to purchase the book yourself.

Adult planned activities, and how it relates to the EYFS:

PSED - self confidence and self awareness:
  • Go on a bug hunt, encouraging your children to attempt to touch or pick up a mini beast. Keep it all positive, and don't make them do anything they feel uncomfortable about.
  • Talk about any children's fear of mini beasts, talk openly and honestly about there fears. Try and come up with ways to help them through it. Try talking about how we must look like huge giants to mini beasts..

Physical development - moving and handling:
  • making play dough worms.
  • make a spiders web. hole punch holes around the outside of a paper plate. Help your children thread string in and out of the holes. Make your own paper spider to sit on his web. Try drizzling glue over it and sprinkling on some silver glitter.

Understanding the world -the world:
  • Mini beast sensory play, try adding cooked spaghetti, noodles, compost, stones, plastic mini beasts.
  • Look at where different mini beasts live.
  • Design your own wormery, If your feeling brave you could make your own wormery. There are ideas on how to make one on my pinterest board .
  • Spider ice cubes. add plastic spiders to the water before you freeze it. When they have frozen add salt and food colouring, watch how it melts.

Mathematics - number:
  • count how many legs different mini beasts have.

Expressive arts and design - exploring using media and materials:
  • make a paper plate snail.

Playing and exploring:
  • Worm printing using cooked spaghetti. Encouraging children to have a go at this tactile way to paint.

Active learning:
  • Make a pom-pom caterpillar. Thread the cotton through a needle and push the needle through the pom-poms. Encourage your children to keep trying, but give them as much help as they need. so that they succeed.
  • make your own crayons. You can find out how to do this on my science pinterest board.
  • Colour in mini beast pictures.

Free play activities:

  • sorting pasta. Add different types of containers, and different types of pasta.
  • Bags, scarves and boxes.
  • Books.
  • Shape sorters.
  • Play dough.
  • Musical instruments. Try making your own by adding different dry foods to empty plastic bottles, for example, pasta, lentils, rice...
  • Teddies and a nursery rhyme DVD or CD.


  • Ladybird, ladybird.
  • There's a worm at the bottom of the garden.
  • Humpty Dumpty.
  • Incy, wincy spider.
  • Round and round the garden.
  • Five little monkeys.
  • The wheels on the bus.


  • That's when I'm happy by Beth Shoshan.
  • Mad about mini beasts by Giles Andreae.
  • The very busy spider by Eric Carle.
  • One ted falls out of bed by Julia Donaldson.
  • Its potty time by Tracy Corderoy and Caroline Pedler
  • Eat your peas by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt.
  • How to catch a falling star by Heidi Howarth.

If you are after fun educational printable resources for preschoolers, then look no further. Here at Mummy G I have a huge selection of topic themed preschool resources packs. Click here to find more information..


  1. Brilliant, I had forgotten all about the 'worm at the bottom of the garden' song, it was a favourite of my boys, now 17 and 19, will start doing that again today. Thank you, plans are very helpful, give loads of ideas. x

    1. Your welcome, Im glad people are finding them useful. :)
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