Friday, 1 November 2013

Toddler weekly activity planner - shapes.

Welcome to toddler girls first weekly activity planner. I am hoping to include a new weekly activity planner post every week, so feel free to follow toddler girls learning activities with your own child. All activities can be adapted to relate to the child's stage of development. I have linked each adult planned activity to the EYFS area of learning development or their characteristics of effective learning.

This week I will be working on toddler girls shape recognition. She can already recognise circles, star, and heart. We are going to be concentrating more on square and rectangle this week, but will still be encouraging her recognition of all shapes.

As you can see from toddler girls weekly activity plan we will also be looking at other activities that do not fall into the shape theme. During the weekend we will be working on science activities. Toddler girls older brothers love to get involved in science play, and I believe their involvement further encourages her excitement to learn.

I have also included a section on her weekly activity plan, where I encourage toddler girl to play freely with an activity. These are my sneaky learning activities, where toddler girl is having fun and learning through play. 

I have also included a nursery rhyme a day to the weekly activity planner, as I believe that it is important to sing with your children. I will be sharing the words of the nursery rhymes with you, and looking at further activities you may like to do relating to those nursery rhymes.

There is also a section on her weekly activity planner where I will put a story of the day. I will be writing a review of the book we have read, enabling you to make the decision whether or not to purchase the book yourself.

Adult planned activities and how it relates to the EYFS:

Physical - moving and handling:
  • Sticking with lentils and seeds on shape pictures.
  • Drawing shapes in shaving foam
  • Using dry spaghetti to copy the shape.

Mathematics- shape, space and measure:
  • Printing with duplo.
  • Matching shapes game.
  • Shape silhouettes.
  • Find the shape game.

Expressive arts and design - being imaginative:
Expressive arts and design - using media and materials:
  • Printing with toilet roll, looking at circles.

Understanding the world - The world:
  • Baking soda science
  • Colouring eggs.

Active learning - being involved and concentrating:
  • magic rainbow milk.

Playing and exploring - finding out and exploring:
  • Sensory play using ice and salt.

Free play activities:

  • Caring for babies, putting them to bed, washing them, feeding them...
  • pom-poms and different sided containers, sorting by colour, size...
  • Jigsaws, developing fine motor control
  • Pipe cleaners and a colander, poking pipe cleaners into the holes.
  • Balloons
  • Duplo, building and constructing with a purpose.
  • Kitchen role play fun.



  • Were going on a bear hunt.
  • Peppa pig.
  • Mister Magnolia
  • The Gruffalo.
  • Peace at last.
  • I know where my food goes.
  • Beware of the bears.

Next week toddler girls weekly activity plan theme will be 'Mini Beasts'

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