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Christmas and winter theme activities.

At last the Christmas countdown has started. I am so excited this year as toddler girl seems to have more of an understanding about what is going on. She loves the Christmas lights and has a slightly annoying fascination with the shiny baubles on our Christmas tree.

I have put together a small list of ideas you could try around the theme of Winter and Christmas. Once again I have tried to sort the activities into the area of learning which I feel they best sit in. You are more than welcome to move them around to suit your own planning.

As Christmas is such a big theme there are many ideas on my pinterest boards that are not here. It would take me forever to write down all the ideas I have or have found, and I am pretty sure you would get bored :) If you need more Christmas inspiration then head along to my pinterest boards, which I try and update regularly.

Here are the links to my boards for:


Personal, social and emotional development.

  • Talk about baby Jesus, and the meaning behind Christmas.
  • How did Mary and Joseph feel when they went back to Bethlehem.
  • Why was baby Jesus so special.
  • Talk about sharing and giving, especially at Christmas time.
  • Make cards for friends/ family that we care for.
  • How did the snowman feel when he started to melt.
  • Make a family photo wreath.

Physical development:

  • Draw a snowman in chalk on the garden. Encourage children to balance on the line, or run around the line.
  • Cut up Christmas cards to make labels for presents.
  • Practice putting on scarves, hats, gloves etc like Mr snowman.
  • Have an indoor snowball fight, you could use scrunched up paper, stuffed white socks or large pom -poms.
  • Practice wrapping up toys or presents.
  • Make a giant igloo with large boxes or sheets.
  • Use scissors to cut out shapes to make a paper snowflake.
  • Go on a winter walk.
  • Play in the snow, make a snowman or have a snowball fight.
  • Make a sock snowman.
  • Go sledging.
  • Build snow forts, either with real snow or boxes.
  • Thread around Christmas or winter templates.
  • Make snow castles with bucket and spades.
  • Dance to Christmas songs.
  • Make snow angels.
  • Play with Christmas cutters and tinsel in play dough. try adding Christmas scents to the play dough.
  • shake some jingle bells whilst listening to music.
  • Thread stars together, use them to decorate the room.
  • Make a healthy fruity candy cane.
  • Make your own envelopes, encourage your children to fold.
  • Sew around a paper plate snowman.

Communication and language:

  • Talk about what we hope to get for Christmas.
  • Listen to others talk about what they would like.
  • Make Christmas biscuits - discuss how we make them. Try making some reindeer biscuits, use a gingerbread biscuit cutter and turn it upside down.
  • Make a winter book, fill it with fun activities you have done during winter. Add photos, drawings, and objects you have collected.
  • Sing Christmas songs.
  • Talk about how we would keep warm in the winter.
  • Go on a winter listening walk.


  • Read winter and Christmas stories. I have created a list for you near the bottom of this post.
  • Make a snowman alphabet line, or use a reindeer/ santa/ star/ snowflake template.
  • Make up a Christmas or winter poem. If your children are young then try working as a group. You could use the words 'Christmas' or 'Jesus' to be your starting point for the poem.
  • Write a letter to Santa.
  • Practice writing winter words using a variety of mediums.
  • Draw around the outline of a star.
  • Colour in Christmas/ winter pictures.
  • Copy over the pattern on a stocking.
  • Write sight words or the alphabet on paper baubles and hang them on a tree.
  • Make a book of Christmas words.


  • Play build a Santa game. Roll a dice and put on the corresponding piece of Santa, for example 1 is his hat, 2 is his body, 3 is his legs.... you could play the game using different Christmas characters. 
  • Make a winter matching game.
  • Make a Christmas tree using different lengths of green paper strips.
  • Make a pattern using star, snowflake, star etc.
  • Cut out Christmas cards to make a matching game, or cut them into jigsaws.
  • Counting using a variety of different Christmas or winter items.
  • Make a snowman ruler to measure how much snow we have.
  • Look at big and little, compare the size of different Christmas items.
  • Look at how many points a star has. See if they can work out how many triangles fit inside a star.
  • Make a Christmas tree shape picture,
  • Find the pattern on Christmas paper.
  • Make an elf number line, or use a different Christmas character.
  • Colour in a Christmas picture. Cut it up and try and put it back together again.
  • Make wrapping paper - try and create a pattern.
  • use different winter and Christmas objects and play the memory game. put a towel on top of the objects and then take one away whilst the children have their eyes closed. They have to guess what is missing.
  • Sort baubles by colour.
  • Make a candy cane craft picture, look at the pattern.
  • Look at the pattern on real snowflakes - no two snowflakes are ever the same.

  Understanding the world:

  • Make your own snow.
  • look at animals in winter - discuss ways in which we can help them... make bird feeder for the birds.
  • freeze some water, and watch how it starts to melt, explore how we can make it melt quicker, try cold water, warm water, salt.
  • Make your own snow slime.
  • Investigate why snow sticks.
  • Look at the story of the nativity. Explain that not all religions celebrate Christmas.
  • Talk about the people in the community who have no-one at Christmas. How can we help them. Is there anyone in your neighbourhood that you could visit? Maybe write a letter, or send a hand-made Christmas card.
  • Go carol singing.
  • Play Christmas games on the computer or tablet.
  • Take winter photos.
  • Scan or photograph children's art work. try explaining to them what is happening.
  • Make a map for Santa, direct him to friends and families houses.
  • Make a map to help Mary and Joseph find Bethlehem.
  • Make you own icicles.
  • Make a map to help the squirrel find his acorns,

Expressive arts and design:

  • Make a Santa hat.
  • Make a snowman mask and a carrot nose.
  • Use mini marshmallows to decorate a snowman.
  • Make a hand-print Christmas tree.
  • Make a lolly stick snowflake.
  • Make thumb print Christmas lights.
  • Make a thumb print reindeer.
  • Make a snowman puppet.
  • Make thumb print penguins.
  • Make a handprint Santa.
  • make some salt dough candle holders.
  • Make a foot and hand print reindeer.
  • Make a stand up angel.
  • Make a foot print snowman.
  • Make a melted snowman picture, create a white splodge and decorate it with snowman clothing.
  • Make a hand print reindeer, only use four fingers.
  • Make some snow paint.
  • Make Christmas characters using lolly sticks and pom-poms
  • Make a foot-print Christmas tree.
  • Paint the snow.
  • Make a handprint snowman, each finger is a snowman.
  • Make a reindeer hat.
  • Make a hand-print Christmas wreath.
  • Make a paper plate wreath.
  • Make nativity characters.
  • Make a pipe cleaner Christmas star.
  • Make a paper plate Santa face


  • Animals in winter by Henrietta Bancroft and Helen K Davie
  • Father Christmas comes up trumps by Nicholas Allan
  • The night before Christmas by Clement C Moore
  • Dear Father Christmas by Alan Durant.
  • Santa's special letter by Gail Yerril
  • How many sleeps till Christmas by Mark Sperring
  • The Christmas bear by Ian Whybrow.
  • The very snowy Christmas by Diana Hendry
  • Jesus's Christmas party by Nicholas Allan.
  • The nativity play by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen
  • The fox's tale - the first Christmas by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.
  • Winnie in winter by Valerie Thomas.


  • When Santa got stuck up the chimney.
  • Jingle bells.
  • Away in a manger.
  • Rudolf the red nose reindeer.
  • Twinkle twinkle little star.
  • twinkle, twinkle Christmas star.
  • Frosty the snowman.
  • Here comes Santa claus.
  • The twelve days of Christmas.
  • Christmas is coming
  • Silent night
  • We three kings.
  • Little donkey.
  • O' little town of Bethlehem.
  • Deck the halls.
  • We wish you a merry Christmas.
  • O' Christmas tree.

Online games to play:

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