Friday, 6 December 2013

How to make a cute paper plate Santa.

This cute paper plate Santa was made by my two year old toddler.
It is a very simple craft for little ones to help make.

To make Santa's hat, we cut a paper plate in half. We then sellotaped them back together to make a hat shape.

We then glued all over the plate, and added strips of tissue paper. We used large strips which were easier for toddler girl to handle. As it didn't take too long to cover the hat, it prevented her from becoming bored.

We then turned the hat upside down, and cut off the excess bits of tissue paper. We then carefully glued down the bits of tissue paper that hadn't stuck properly. We added a bit of cotton wool for decoration.

We then got another paper plate for Santa's face. Again we glued all over the plate and added a sheet of pink tissue paper.

We cut around the paper plate to get rid of the overhanging tissue paper. We then Glued Santa's hat onto his face.

We then added Santa's eyes, nose, and rosy red cheeks.

Finally we gave Santa a big white beard, added more detail to his hat and gave him a mouth.

Toddler girl loved making her Santa, and she proudly showed it to her brother's when they came home from school.


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