Friday, 6 December 2013

How we made our Christmas hand-print tree.

Toddler girl and her big brothers worked together last weekend to make their own hand-print Christmas tree. Oldest boys hand prints were at the bottom, then middle boys.

Toddler girls hand prints went at the top.

Middle boy then painted the plant pot blue. Instead of using a piece of paper, we decided to 
use bubble wrap.

Oldest boy decided to draw and colour in the angel for the top of the tree.

We then painted toddler girls hands yellow for the angels wings.

We stuck the angel, the trunk and the plant pot onto our tree.

Middle boy decided we had to have some Christmas lights on our tree.

We cut out the Christmas lights and stuck them onto the tree. We also added some pom-poms for baubles.
Middle boy drew a Santa and a Reindeer to stand next to our tree.

The children love their Hand-print Christmas tree, especially toddler girl, who goes and looks at it everyday. 


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