Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Australia day - themed activity ideas for the EYFS

Australia day is celebrated on the 26th January. It is a day for Australians to come together to celebrate their country and culture. It is a public holiday in all states and territories. A number of ceremonial traditions take place during Australia day, these can include; citizenship ceremonies, affirmation ceremonies, the flying of the Australian flag, and the Australian national anthem.

I have produced a list of different activities to do with your children to celebrate Australia day. I have organised the activities into the different learning areas of the EYFS. However please feel free to re-arrange the activities to meet your own planning needs.
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Personal, social and emotional development.

  • Make an Australian flag.
  • Make some passports, you could either include a photo of the child, or encourage them to draw a self portrait.
  • Set up a travel agents role play area.
  • Look at photos of Aboriginal people and how they live.
  • Make cardboard box scenes which relate to the different environments of Australia; the desert, rain-forest, beach, city, countryside... who lives there? what animals can be found there?

  • Bounce like a kangaroo, slither like a snake..
  •  play Aboriginal musical instruments. Different musical instruments used by the Aboriginal people include; didgeridoo, bull-roarer, gum leaf, drumsticks, clapsticks, hand clapping, percussion sticks, boomerang clapsticks.
  • Collect holiday magazines and cut out different pictures of Australia.
  • Threading around Australian animals.
  • Finger painting on Australian pictures.
  • Watch and try and copy an original Aboriginal dance.

Communication and language.
  • Listen to someone play a didgeridoo.
  • Sing a song from the Australian music playlist at Trillium montessori.
  • Bellow like a Koala. There is an excellent video at wildlife fun for kids which shows you how to do it.
  • Sing the Australian national anthem. You can find the words here.

  • Match Australian animals to their initial letter.
  • Make your own Australian word search or crossword.
  • Practice writing animal names in a variety of mediums, for example paint, sand, shaving foam..
  • Write a postcard to someone in Australia.

  • Make an Australian animal memory game.
  • Count using different Australian animals.
  • Make Australian shaped biscuits.
  • Match the different States and territories to where they fit on the Australian map

Understanding the world.
  • Find out more about the animals that are found only in Australia; Koalas, kangaroos, platypus, frilled-neck lizard, wombat, dingo. Unique Australian animals is an excellent site where you can find lots of information about all the different Australian animals.
  • Learn what different Aboriginal art symbols mean.
  • Match different animals to where they usually found in Australia
  • Find Australia on a map/ globe/ Google earth. Look at how it is separated into different States and territories.
  • Discover and make traditional Australian dishes. All down under has some wonderful recipes you could try.
  • Discover more about the Great barrier reef. Science kids has some interesting facts and pictures.
  • Discover more about the outback. You can find more information here.
  • Find out more about the history of Australia day.

 Expressive arts and design.
  • Make a boomerang.
  • Create an Aboriginal dot painting. Either use finger printing or cotton buds to decorate an Australian animal.
  • Colour in Australian pictures.
  • Make a handprint Australian flag banner.
  • Make Australian hand puppets.
  • Create Australian collage pictures.
  • Make your own didgeridoo.
  • Make your own cave drawings
  • Make firework pictures.
  • Make a tissue paper Australian flag.

  • Over in Australia by Marianne Berkes.
  • Stories from the Billabong by James Vance Marshall.
  • An Australian 1, 2, 3of animals by Browyn Bancroft.
  • Australian animals by Caroline Arnold.
  • Possum and Wattle -my big book of Australian words by Bronwyn Bancroft.
  • How the koala learnt to hug and other Australian fairytales by Steven Lee.
  • Australian ABC's by Sarah Heiman.
  • Rainbow bird by Eric Maddern.
  • Diary of a wombat by Jackie French
  • Possum magic by Mem Fox
  • Why koala had a stumpy tail by Tom Wrenn.

Useful websites.

I hope you enjoy doing some of these activities with your children. Please feel free to add any other activity ideas in the comments section.

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  1. Awesome list. I have a suggestion - make home made playdough with a few drops of tea tree oil. Smells just like eucalyptus! I do this every now and again when I am homesick.

    Also, buy some Penguin Biscuits and try the Tim Tam Slam. They are the closest thing to Tim Tam Biscuits I've found here in the UK.

    1. Thank you kindly for your suggestion. :)

  2. Fab list - again! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work. There is a lovely activity on this site where they look at how Australian animals have their babies - egg, pouch or baby:

    1. Thank you for Laura for sharing your link. :)
      Its a lovely post xx