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Dr Seuss themed activities.

Dr Seuss was born on 2nd March 1904. He wrote and illustrated around 60 story books that have been loved by children and adults alike since 1937 (when his first book And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street was published.)

To celebrate his birthday I have attempted to put a list together of different activities you could do with your children. There are thousands of other ideas on my pinterest board - Dr Seuss, so please pop along and follow my board. :)

I have created a list of ideas for activities to go with some of his most popular stories. All activities have been grouped into the EYFS areas of learning that I feel they best fit into. 

Personal and social development.

  • Create a family foot book, where all members of the family need to paint their feet and print it onto the pages of the book.
  • Make placemats of your childs favourite Dr Seuss character- remember to add your child's name to make it personal to them.
  • Make your own costumes for one of Dr Seuss story characters, children will enjoy dressing up as someone different.
  • Make your own dr seuss party. There are hundreds of party food ideas on my pinterest board.

Physical development.
  • Make your own skittles. you could stick a picture of the different characters on each large plastic bottle.
  • Make snow prints in the snow.
  • Play hopscotch.
  • Sticking pom poms onto the cat in the hats hat.
  • Make your own green eggs and ham with play dough.
  • Make some oobleck (green gloop)
  • See how many apples you can balance on your head.
  • Play catch a fish game.

Communication and language.
  • If you was Lorax, what would you do to protect the earth?
  • How would you make a grinch grin?
  • Rhyming hat words.
  • find the rhyming words in the story.
  • Make up your own funny rhyming words... they dont need to be real words but they must rhyme.
  • Go on a listening walk

  • Make character or famous Dr Seuss quote bookmarks. Try this site for free bookmark printables.
  • Make a Dr Seuss character alphabet line.
  • Make a sight word matching game. Children have to match the word to the word on the page.
  • Decorate your favourite quotes Try these excellent free printouts of dr seuss quotes. These printouts have room for children to draw a picture.
  • Read some of the Dr sSeuss books mentioned above.
  • Draw or write about places that you would like to go. Be as imaginative as possible.
  • Match the rhyming words in the book.
  • Create a Lorax face on different shapes.
  • Count fish.
  • Matching number game using paper apple templates.
  • Making different patterns on cat in the hat's hat.
  • Draw around and measure your feet. Compare the size of your feet to other children's feet.
  • Make a cat in the hat hat matching game.
  • Play the cat in the hat's hat number game. Have six labeled stripes. Roll a dice and put the corresponding numbered stripe onto the hat. The first one to fill their hat of stripes wins.
  • Make your own Dr Seuss bingo game using the different characters from his story books. Or you could use this free printable - dr seuss bingo game
  • Create your own 'do you like green eggs and ham graph?
  • 1 fish, 2 fish printable math worksheet for preschool / reception

Understanding the world.

Expressive arts and design.
  • Make some Lorax moustace straws.
  • Make some truffula tree straws.
  • Foot print printing.
  • Make your own props for the different story books.
  • Make a lorax hat.
  • Make a paper plate horton.
  • Make some elephant ears
  • Make a kitchen roll cat in the hat hat.
  • Make some cat in the hat masks.
  • Add some fluffy pom poms onto a pencil to make truffula pencils.
  • Make a paper plate lorax face.
  • Make paper bag puppets of the different characters.
  • Make your own truffula tree.
  • Create your own Dr Seuss felt board
  • apple printing
  • Make some hand print things.
  • Make a pink thistle.
  • Make your own wocket in a pocket.
  • Make character finger puppets.
  • Make some hand print fish.
  • free cat in the hat print out to colour.

Useful websites.

I hope you enjoy doing some of these activities with your children to celebrate the birthday of a wonderful children's story writer and illustrator.

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