Thursday, 20 March 2014

EYFS Easter themed activity ideas.

Its almost Easter time, and I am very excited about doing some fun Easter learning activities with the little ones. 

I have attempted to put a list together of different activities you could do with your children. There are thousands of other ideas on my Easter pinterest board, so please pop along and follow me. :)

 All the Easter activities have been grouped into the EYFS areas of learning that I feel they best fit into, but feel free to rearrange them to suit your planning.

Personal, social and emotional.

  • Take it in turns to find an egg during the Easter egg hunt.
  • Make your own Easter reward charts.
  • Discuss the story of Jesus. There is a lovely video on cbeebies
  • Make your own Easter certificates.
  • Create a bunny feelings chart.
  • get into pairs and roll the egg to each other.
  • Make some paper bag nests for little chicks.
  • Make some Easter cards for family and friends.

Physical development.
  • Stick straws, coloured rice, pasta onto a large Easter egg template.
  • Weave paper to make an Easter basket.
  • cut around a paper egg template.
  • Thread around Easter pictures. You can find some printable templates here.
  • Make your own pom poms.
  • Practice scooping up plastic eggs with a large spoon.
  • Promote children's sense of balance and control by encouraging them to take part in egg and spoon races.
  • make some play dough Easter eggs, and play dough hot cross buns.
  • Go bobbing for plastic eggs.
  • Try and catch plastic eggs out of a bowl of water by using a fishing net.
  • decorate Easter pictures by cotton bud printing.

Communication and language.
  • Make some Easter cookies and discuss what you are doing, and how to follow a recipe.
  • Read Easter stories.
  • Make up a group story about Easter. You could either look at the real meaning behind Easter or base it on the Easter bunny.
  • Make up a poem about the Easter bunny.
  • Discuss whether the children would like to be the Easter bunny. Who would they give chocolate eggs to?
  • Discuss what animals lay eggs.
  • Talk about different ways you can cook an egg. Find out who like which type of egg... scrambled, poached..

  • Make up your own egg matching game. Depending on the age and stage of your children, you could encourage the children to match either, upper and lowercase letters, phonics, or sight words.
  • Match rhyming words on eggs.

  • Roll plastic eggs down a hill. See whose egg goes the furthest. Measure how far they roll and produce a simple graph to show your results.
  • Count with eggs.
  • Match patterns on Easter eggs.
  • Practice simple addition and subtraction sums with Easter eggs.
  • Shout out a number and the children have to put that many eggs into their basket.
  • Counting with jelly beans.
  • Match the colours of different plastic eggs or jelly beans.
  • Make a chick or a bunny out of shapes.
  • Create your own pattern using Easter eggs, bunnies, jelly beans etc...
  • Match shapes to the shapes on an Easter egg template.

Understanding the world.
  • use plastic eggs as molds to make Easter lolly pops.
  • Grow some cress out of egg shells.
  • Turn an egg into a bouncy ball. Click here to find out how to do this fun experiment.
  • Look at the real meaning of Easter
  • Click here to find out how to dye a real egg.
  • Melt chocolate into moulds. Discuss the process of melting.
  • Set up an Easter sensory bin.
  • Create your own Easter floating and sinking experiment.
  • Put boiled eggs with their shell still on, into a variety of liquids and document what happens to the egg after a couple of days.

Expressive arts and design.
  • Make some Easter egg banners.
  • Make some stained glass Easter eggs.
  • Make some Easter bookmarks.
  • Make an Easter egg wreath.,
  • Decorate some Easter bunting.
  • Make some thumb print Easter eggs.
  • Use a potato masher to print egg shapes.
  • Make some shaving foam egg pictures.
  • Make some carrot Easter baskets.
  • Decorate an Easter bonnet.
  • Decorate Easter templates.
  • make a carrot foot print picture.
  • make Easter themed hats or masks.
  • Make a paper plate chick or Bunny.
  • make some pom pom chicks or bunnies.
  • make a sponge print Easter chick.

I hope you enjoy doing some of these activities with your little ones. Please feel free to add your own Easter activity ideas in the comments section if you would like to share.

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