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EYFS 'Under the sea' themed activities.

For the next three weeks we will be looking at the theme 'Under the sea.' As well as this list of activities I will also be posting three weeks worth of 'Under the sea' weekly planners, three free 'under the sea' worksheets, and links to where you can purchase my 'under the sea' themed educational workbooks.

I have attempted to put a list together of different activities you could do with your children. There are thousands of other ideas on my 'Under the sea'  pinterest board, so please pop along and follow me. :)

 All the 'Under the sea' activities have been grouped into the EYFS areas of learning that I feel they best fit into, but feel free to rearrange them to suit your planning.

Click here to find my under the sea teaching resources

Personal, social and emotional development.
  • Make your children their own 'under the sea' name tags. 
  • Make your children their own 'under the sea' place mats.
  • Create some under the sea reward charts.
  • If you could be any sea animal which one would you be and why?
  • Look at how fish and whales live in family groups called a school. Draw some large fish and add children's family photos for the fishes faces.

Physical development.
  • Move like a turtle.
  • Moving to music - swaying like plants in the sea.
  • Blow water out through a straw like a whale.
  • Make some sea sensory bags for children to play with.
  • Treading around sea creatures.
  • Have fun playing with these ocean animal dot marker printables. 
  •  Stick lentils onto a starfish template.
  • Create your own under the sea sensory bin. Try using blue rice, sand, pebbles, shells..
  • Make your own sea urchins by poking pipe cleaners or cocktail sticks in a ball of play dough.
  • Threading shell necklaces.
  • Cut up some green paper to make seaweed.
  • Splashing in the paddling pool - pretending to be a whale, dolphin or shark.
  • Walk the plank.
  • Move like a crab.
  • Put large pieces of paper (or cushions)down on the floor for stepping stones. Children have to stay on the stepping stones otherwise they will be eaten by the shark.
  • Make some sand clay by mixing sand, glue and cornflour.
  • Try and catch plastic sea animals in a paddling pool by using a fishing net.
  • Cut around sea animal shapes.
  • Play hide and seek with sea animals.
  • Go on a sea animal scavenger hunt, you could use pictures of animals or plastic toys.

Communication and language.
  • Listen to the different sounds that sea animals make. Can you try and make the same sound?
  • Discuss with your children what they would do if they were stuck on a desert island. What would they want to have with them?
  • Try listening to different shells. can you hear the sea if you put them on your ear?
  • Talk about the tide... why does it come in and go out. 
  • Put on an under the sea puppet show.


  • Practice writing 'under the sea themed words.
  • Match sea animals to initial letter.
  • Write a group poem about different sea creatures.
  • Decorate initial letters... 'O is for ocean.'
  • Fish for letters.
  • Print out an under the sea alphabet line. 
  • Under the sea word cards.
  • Ocean dot to dot printables.
  • Draw around different sea animals.

  • Make some turtle cakes.
  • Matching colours 
  • Matching different types of shells.
  • Counting octopus tentacles.
  • Counting sharks teeth.
  • Make different sea animals from shapes.
  • Count how many different types of sea animals you have and show the results in a simple bar graph.
  • Match animals to their shadows.
  • Matching pictures of ocean animals.
  • Print out a math number line.
  • Measure different sea animals and order them by size.
  • Turn sea animal pictures into jigsaws.
  • Make your own patterns on fish.
  • Create a pattern using different sea animals.

Understanding the world.
  • Find out more about the coral reef.
  • Find out more about sea turtles and how the babies hatch out on the beach and have to complete their first long journey to the sea.
  • Find out what different sea animals eat.
  • Try this simple science activity to discover how whales flubber keeps them warm in cold climates.
  • Try this simple science activity and create your own under water world to explore ocean zones.
  • Find out where different sea creatures live.
  • Go to the beach and explore rock pools.. how are they formed, what animals live in them.
  • Go crabbing.
  • Explore real seaweed using your senses.
  • pretend to be a underwater diver and practice using a snorkel in the paddling pool.
  • Explore the different areas of the beach. What is the sand like... why is it wet in some parts, and dry in others?
  • Create your own ocean busy bags.
  • Have fun finding out what items float and what sink.
  • Use the internet to research all the different types of fish and mammals that live in the sea.
  • Use paint on the computer to draw different sea animals.
  • Look at the different ways that sea animals reproduce.

Expressive arts and design.
  • Make a paper plate turtle.
  • Make jelly fish.
  • Printing and rubbing with shells.
  • Turn yourself into a scuba diver.
  • Make some soda bottle turtles.
  • Make boats with different materials, try using paper or cork.
  • Make a paper plate seahorse.
  • Colour in sea animal pictures.
  • Make a foot and hand print lobster.
  • Create pipe cleaner sea animals.
  • Make a hand print fish.
  • Make your own jelly fish in a bottle.
  • Make some egg box turtles.
  • Make hand print octopus.
  • Make some sand art ornaments.
  • Make a toilet roll sand castle.
  • Make some rainmakers.
  • Make a paper plate shark.
  • Create  shark teeth using a paper plate.
  • Make a paper plate stingray.
  • Create some sparkling CD fish.
  • Make some shadow puppets.
  • Decorate a trinket box with shells.
  • Make some sea animal masks.
  • Sand painting.
  • Shaving foam printing on sea animal templates.
  • Print out my sea animal drawing book.
  • Make a cardboard sea castle.
  • Make a kitchen roll octopus.
  • Make some under the sea finger puppets.
  • Create your own coral reef scene.
  • Create an under the sea puppet theatre and puppets.
I hope you enjoy doing some of these activities with your little ones, and don't forget to leave your own activity ideas in the comments.

There are many other ideas here which relate to the 'under the sea' theme.

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