Friday, 18 April 2014

under the sea themed activity planner - week 2

Welcome to the second 'under the sea' weekly activity planner. Click here to find week 1.

I have created the planner as a pdf file which you can print out for your own classroom or personal use.

Please do not copy my planners or sell them on. Thank you :)

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Morning activity - Counting fish.

You could either use plastic toy fish for this activity, or paper cut out fish. Encourage children to count to five or ten by touching each fish when they say a number. Remind children that we count from left to right.

Afternoon activity - Colour in sea animal printouts.
Colouring in pictures helps children master their pencil grip and their mark making skills.


Morning activity - Making hand print crabs

This is a fun creative activity that my little ones love doing. Paint both childrens hands and print them down so the hands are touching and the fingers are pointing outwards. Paint some front claws onto your hand print crab and add some googly eyes.

Afternoon activity - Wet and dry sand.

You could add different items to your sand to make it resemble the beach. Try using shells, pebbles, dried seaweed. Talk to the children whilst they are playing. Describe to them the texture of the dry sand, and how it feels different when wet. Can they mould the wet sand? Can they mould the dry sand? Talk about why we find wet and dry sand on the beach.


Morning activity - Make a sparkly sequin fish.

Print out, or draw a simple picture of a fish. Encourage your children to cover it with pva glue. Supply the children with a variety of different sequins and shiny material to decorate the fish. As well as encouraging children to be creative the activity is also promoting their fine pincer grip.

Afternoon activity - Make crab fairy cakes.

I found the recipe for these crab fairy cakes on pinterest. They look really pretty. You can find the recipe here.

Morning activity - Sharing blue sparkly play dough.

Before the lesson: Make up a batch of blue play dough. Add some pretty sparkly glitter to it. Click here to find out how to make your own home made play dough.

Put a ball of play dough in-between to children, encourage them to share it out fairly. Provide a variety of cutters and tools to use in the play dough, and reward them for sharing.

Afternoon activity - Move around the room like a crab.

Be prepared to be a role model and show the children how to move like a crab. Encourage your children to think of different ways other sea animals move.


Morning activity - Read 'Im the biggest thing in the ocean' by Kevin Sherry.

Encourage children to join in with the story. Note all the simple sight words in the story and shout them out whilst pointing to the word. It shouldn't take long for the children to be shouting out the word with you, unaware that they are beginning to  learn to read :)

Afternoon activity - Cut up green paper to make seaweed.

Provide the children with thin green paper of different shades. Use a pair of scissors and show the children how to cut in straight lines. Explain to them what you are doing. Make sure the children are using child safety scissors and help them to cut some straight lines into the paper. 

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  1. Hello! These are such cool ideas for activities with children! Thank you!! :D