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Under the sea themed activity planner - week 3

Welcome to the final 'under the sea' weekly activity planner. I have created the planner as a pdf file which you can print out for your own classroom or personal use.

Please do not copy my planners or sell them on. Thank you :)

Click here to print out the weekly planner

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Morning activity - Measuring and comparing sizes of different sea creatures.
For younger children you could either draw or print out sea animals for them to order in size. It would probably be best to just stick to three different sized sea animals and then talk to the children about biggest and smallest.
For older children you could give them a name of a sea animal and they could draw it, you could then encourage them to order their pictures in size.

Afternoon activity - Make some sea animal masks.


Morning activity - Jump across stepping stones, don't get caught by the shark.
This is a fun game you can play indoors or outdoors. Start by laying down something for stepping stones. It could be as simple as pieces of paper to cushions you don't mind being stamped on. One child is the shark, and he has to try and catch the children who are jumping across the stepping stones. 
If you get caught you have to be a shark too. The game finishes when everyone has turned into a shark. 

Afternoon activity - Create rhyming words to go with each sea animal.
The word doesn't have to be a real word, the main focus of this activity is that it rhymes. This activity encourages young children to start to listen to the different sounds in the words we use.


Morning activity - Look at how different sea creatures reproduce
Research with your children which sea animals lay eggs, and which sea animals give birth to live young.

Afternoon activity - Using fishing nets to catch sea animals in a paddling pool.
If you were unable to use a paddling pool you could use a water tray, but use small fishing nets that you can buy from the pet shop. 


Morning activity - Create an under the sea puppet theatre and puppets.
You could be as creative as you want for this activity. I would probably use a large box for the theatre, and cut a long slit at the bottom, so the children can push their puppets up. You could print out some sea animals, or draw and decorate your own creations. Stick the sea animal onto a lolly-stick for an easy fun puppet. 

Afternoon activity - Put on a puppet show.
Depending on the age of your children you could either plan out a story first, and everyone could have their own part, or they could take it in turns to put on their own puppet show.


Morning activity - Move to music, sway like a plant in the sea.
Encourage your children to listen to the music and to move in time with it. You may have to join in to help them keep in time. :) Try finding music with different tempos.

Afternoon activity - Discuss why sea animals live in family groups.
Research with your children what sea animals live in family groups. (A family of dolphins is called a school) Encourage your children to think why it is important for them to live in family packs. For example, for protection, for love and bonding...

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