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Under the sea themed weekly planner - week 1

Welcome to the first 'under the sea' weekly activity planner. I have created the planner as a pdf file which you can print out for your own classroom or personal use.

Please do not copy my planners or sell them on. Thank you :)

I have produced another two ' under the sea' weekly activity planners which I will be posting over the next couple of weeks.
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Morning activity - Create a paper plate turtle.

I will be encouraging toddler girl to paint the paper plate green. When the paint is almost green we will add square pieces of dark green tissue paper to the shell, to represent the markings of the turtles shell. I will then give her some paper cut out shapes for the turtles legs and head, which she can decorate with either paint or materials. We will then stick the pieces together to make her finished turtle craft.

Afternoon activity - Write a group poem about sea animals.

For this activity you could encourage your group of children to choose their favourite sea animal. You could show them images of different sea animals to help them choose. Once they have chosen, you could help them to find rhyming words to make a simple poem about the sea animal. Younger children could watch as you write down their words and ideas, older children could have a go at copying, or writing over your words.


Morning activity - Threading around sea creatures.

Before the lesson: Print out and hole punch around the outline of a sea animal template.

Encourage your children to push the shoe lace or string through the hole and pull it from the other side. This is an excellent activity for working on their fine motor skills. Most young children will need a lot of adult support and patience for this activity :)

Afternoon activity - Create a floating and sinking experiment.

This is best done in a water tray, but a large bowl would be okay too. Encourage your children to maybe find one or two items each that they would like to use for this experiment. Before you start the experiment discuss what floating and sinking means, as many young children will not understand yet that if it falls to the bottom it has 'sunk'
Encourage your children to predict what will happen to the object before they put it in the water. Discuss afterwards if their prediction was correct, and talk about what actually happened to the object.


Morning activity - Counting paper sharks teeth.

Before the lesson: cut out 5cm long triangles out of different coloured paper or card. These will be your sharks teeth.

Use your sharks teeth for counting. You could write the numeral on the shark teeth to help with the recognition of numbers. 
You could encourage your children to draw a sharks mouth on an A4 piece of paper. The children can then count out how many shark teeth they can fit inside the mouth.

Afternoon activity - Discuss what you would want with you, if you were stuck on a desert island.

Before lesson: print out, or draw, some pictures of favourite comfort items. For example a teddy, a bed, a warm drink....

Lay the pictures out on the table or floor and point out the different items to the children. Begin the discussion by saying something like "if I was stuck on a desert island I would want to have my.... teddy bear." Encourage children to take it in turns to either talk about or point to an item they would take with them.


Morning activity - Make your own place mat.

Encourage children to decorate a sea animal template using a variety of materials. Make sure you add their name to their place mat, preferably in large letters. You could then laminate them to keep them clean and protected.

Afternoon activity - Use the internet to find pictures of different sea animals.

Encourage the children to be as independent as possible during this activity. Show them how to switch on the computer, and the internet. Encourage older children to attempt to type in the sea animals name in the Google image search bar.


Morning activity - Play with sea animals in the water tray.

Supply a variety of plastic sea animals in the water tray. You could also add plastic plants, shells and pebbles. Let the children play freely developing their imagination through play.

Afternoon activity - Make sea animal pictures using cut out shapes.

Supply a variety of different sized paper shapes. In the middle of the table have some basic outline pictures of sea animals. Show the children how to make a sea animal using different shapes. 
It is more fun and beneficial to the children's learning, for them to have a go at creating their own sea animals using the shapes, rather than copying an adults idea of what the sea animal should look like.

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