Thursday, 19 June 2014

On the farm themed weekly activity planner for preschool children - week 1

Welcome to my first of three ‘on the farm’ themed weekly planners. These weekly planners look at some of the different activities from ‘On the farm themed EYFS activities for pre-schoolers’ in more detail.

You can download and print this weekly activity off for your own use. Please do not reproduce my work. Thank you

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Morning activityMake a large group handprint cow.

You could do this activity one of two ways. The messy way, or the cleaner way. J After you have drawn a large cow template on a roll of paper, you could either paint the children’s hand, and get them to print it onto the paper. Alternatively, you could encourage children to draw around their own hand, cut it out, and decorate it before sticking it onto the cow. Remember to add the child’s name next to their handprint to make it more personal.

Afternoon activity – Painting with produce.

Have fun printing with corn on the cob, apples, potatoes, carrots, or any other produce you would buy from a farmer.


Morning activity – Make a footprint tractor.

Paint and print the child’s foot. Whilst it is drying, encourage the children to draw a large and small wheel, and the cabin. You could get them to draw themselves, or the farmer driving. If you were feeling really creative you could use a photo of the child. Once the footprint has dried, the children can stick the tractor parts on. (The large wheel goes on the toes, and the small wheel on the heel.)

Afternoon activity – Using positional words.

Try hiding the pig, on top of the box, or you could put the cow under the bridge.


Morning activity – Harvesting the play dough vegetables.

Print and laminate different crops and vegetables that grow on farms. 
Push the crops into the play dough. Remind the children that some crops grow above ground, and other crops grow below the ground. Give the children some baskets, and encourage them to ‘harvest’ the crops.

Afternoon activity – Pin the tail on the pig.

Print out and laminate an A4 sized pig, without a tail. Cut out some tails and attach blue tac to them. Blindfold a child and encourage them to stick the tail on the pig. The one who gets the closest to the tail position is the winner.


Morning activity – Plant some seeds in a zip bag.

Put a small amount of damp kitchen roll in a zip bag. Sprinkle a couple of seeds in and sellotape the zip bag to a window. The children can then watch as the seed begins to sprout and grow.

Afternoon activity – Finger painting with chocolate mousse.

You could print out a pig picture for the children to decorate with the chocolate mousse. The children will love their ‘muddy pig’


Morning activity – Make lines of each type of farm animal.

Encourage the children to categorise and line up the different farm animals. Help them find different ways to measure and compare the lines of animals. You could measure them with a ruler, string, lego bricks, etc.. Introduce simple graphs, enabling the children to compare the lengths of the lines.

Afternoon activity – Looking at rhyming words.

Encourage children to think of different words that rhyme with different farm animals. The words can be nonsense words as long as they rhyme.

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