Thursday, 26 June 2014

On the farm themed weekly activity planner for preschool children - week 2

Welcome to my second of three ‘on the farm’ themed weekly planners. These weekly planners look at some of the different activities from ‘On the farm themed EYFS activities for pre-schoolers’ in more detail.

You can download and print this weekly activity off for your own use. Please do not reproduce my work. Thank you

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Morning activity Label different parts of farm animals.

Print out some pictures of farm animals and help the children label the different parts of the animal.

Afternoon activity – Move like an animal.

Encourage the children to move like different farm animals, they could also make the noises.


Morning activity – Thumb print farm animals.

Use different coloured paint for different animals. When the paint is dry, encourage the children to draw the animals legs, tail and features.

Afternoon activity – Decorate carrots and order them by size.

Try ordering them small to big and then big to small.


Morning activity – Apple bobbing.

Encourage children to have a go, and praise them for trying.

Afternoon activity – Milk a cow.

Poke small holes into the fingertips of a latex glove. Fill the gloves with water, and tie the end. Put the gloves in an empty water tray, and show the children how to squeeze the fingers to squirt out the water. Explain that the water is the cow’s milk, the glove is the cow’s udder, and the fingers are the cow’s teats.


Morning activity – Follow the seeds walk.

When the children are busy doing another activity take some seeds out into the garden and drop them to make a path. The children have to follow the seed path. The seed path could lead them to some treasure J

Afternoon activity – Painting with farm animals.

Put trays out with different coloured paint. Give the children a selection of farm animals, and cover the table in paper. Let the children free paint with the farm animals.


Morning activity – Turn a large box into a tractor.

You could decorate the box if you like, but the main aim of this activity is to encourage the children to play together and take turns in the tractor. Try and encourage the children to solve any issues of sharing that may come up.

Afternoon activity – Patterns with seeds.

Start the pattern off and see if the children can carry on the pattern.

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