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On the farm themed weekly activity planner for preschool children - week 3.

Welcome to the last of three ‘on the farm’ themed weekly planners. These weekly planners look at some of the different activities from ‘On the farm themed EYFS activities for pre-schoolers’ in more detail.

You can find week one here.

You can find week two here.

You can download and print this weekly activity off for your own use. Please do not reproduce my work. Thank you

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Morning activity Make a scarecrow.

You could print out some pictures of a scarecrow and get the children to decorate it, or you could make your own. Find some old clothes and fill them with straw. Add some features to a pillow, and use it for the head. Sew all the body parts together. Click here to see the scarecrow we had last summer.

Afternoon activity – Play ‘who’s on the farm’ game.

One child pretends to be an animal, and the other children have to guess what animal they are. The first child who guesses correctly then has a turn at pretending to be the animal. (older children are not allowed to make the animal noise.)


Morning activity – Make a junk model tractor.

Children could either make one each or work in groups.

Afternoon activity – weighing farms animals.

Choose a variety of different sized farm animals to weigh. Encourage children to predict, and help them graph their results.


Morning activity – Shredded wheat sensory tub.

Encourage children to explore and play with the shredded wheat. You could add some animals and some seeds to the mix.

Afternoon activity – Make a farmyard jigsaw.

Print out some farm animals, and let the children decorate them with crayons and felt tips. Cut the picture into 2, 4, or 10 pieces (depending on age and ability) Encourage the children to put the picture back together.


Morning activity – Play dough mats.

Print out some farm themed play dough mats and laminate them. Provide a selection of them with the play dough.

Afternoon activity Make a pig nose.

Cut out one of the circles of a cardboard egg box. Paint it pink and fasten some string to each end.


Morning activity – Playing with seeds, plant pots, and compost.

Provide all of the materials in the sand tray, and supervise as required. Encourage children to work by themselves and with others.

Afternoon activity – Shredded wheat cakes. (bird nests).

Melt some chocolate and mix it with the broken up shredded wheat. Spoon the mixture into cake cases to cool. Talk to the children about what you are doing. Explain about melting the chocolate etc. Ask questions to make sure children  are following and have an understanding of what you are doing.

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