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EYFS themed activities. - Colours.


This list looks at different activities you could do with your children. There are thousands of other ideas on my 'Colour theme’ pinterest board, so please pop along and follow me. :)

All of the 'Colour' activities have been grouped into the EYFS areas of learning that I feel they best fit into, but feel free to rearrange them to suit your planning.

Personal, social and emotional development:

  • Make a 'my favourite colour' graph.
  • Look at how colours make you feel.
  • Display a colour line in the play area.
  • Create a colour of the week table display. Encourage the children to contribute to the display.
  • Send an ' I can find colours' workbook home with the children. Children have to look around their own home for different coloured toys etc.
  • Make a colourful fruit display for snack time. Discuss the importance of eating a 'rainbow' of fruit and vegetables.
  • My colour book.
  • Create different coloured sensory tubs.

Physical development:

  • Dropping pom poms down the matching coloured tube.
  • Jumping on different colours to get across the room.
  • Run to a colour game - the adult calls out a colour and the children have to run to it.
  • Play traffic lights, hold up the colour as well as saying it.
  • Play with and explore different coloured rice.
  • Set up a colour treasure hunt.
  • Play colour run and sort ball game.
  • Threading different coloured pasta tubes.
  • Threading different coloured beads on the corresponding pipe cleaner.
  • Practice pouring and mixing different coloured water.

Communication and language:

  • Supply different coloured sensory baskets for children to explore.
  • Make different colour icing up and decorate some cakes or biscuits. Discuss what you are doing, and why they are choosing the colours.
  • Read books that promote colour recognition.
  • Break up old crayons and put them into cake tins. You can either sort them by colours or mix the colours. Put them into the oven until they melt. When the new crayons have cooled you can draw some pictures with them and discuss what you have done. How you melted the crayon, and how it reformed when it started to cool. Look at how different colours have mixed.


  • practice mark making or writing over different colour names. 
  • practice writing the colour name onto sensory bags.
  • Practice mark making in different coloured paint.
  • Add colour words and colour cards to the writing station.
  • Mark making in coloured salt.


  • colour bingo game. 
  • Count how many people in the group like each colour.
  • Colour matching boards.
  • Look at simple colour patterns.
  • Dye pasta shells and then sort them into different colour sets.
  • Play colour tic-tac-toe.
  • Make a colour rainbow with different toys in the room.
  • Sort different types of toy by colour.
  • Make your own count and sort posting box

Understanding the world:

  • find colours in the environment. 
  • Go on a colour scavenger hunt.
  • Look at the colour of leaves in autumn, explore how they change colour.
  • Explore the colours of the traffic light, and discuss what each colour means.
  • Look at the colours on the taps, discuss why the cold tap is blue, and the hot tap is red.
  • Exploring coloured ice in the water tray. Looking to see if the colours mix when they begin to melt.
  • Drop different coloured food colouring onto a piece of kitchen roll. watch as the colours spread and mix together.
  • Make different colour sensory bottles.
  • Make rainbow flowers. Buy some white flowers and put a flower in different coloured water. Watch as the flower drinks the water and the white petals change colour.

Expressive arts and design:

  • hand printing to mix colours. Put a different colour on each hand, for example red and blue. Start with your hands at opposite sides of the paper and move them in until they meet in the middle. Make sure the colour in the middle has mixed. Talk about the new colour.
  • Paint the rainbow.
  • Make a large hand print rainbow for a display.
  • Use different coloured play dough to decorate play dough mats.
  • Make a coloured necklace by threading different coloured beads or dyed pasta onto colourful shoe laces.
  • Make some CD colour spinners
  • Slowly add white or black to a colour to change the shade of it.
  • Make different colour flags.
  • Explore different colours with bare feet.
  • Create pictures using different coloured paper.
  • Make different coloured aeroplanes and see who's flies the furthest. 
  • Make a colour wheel using a paper plate.
  • Make your own colour dice.
  • Create a sticky picture using colour glue.
  • Make some hungry monster colour sorters. Love these :)

There are many other ideas here which also relate to the theme 'colours'
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