Wednesday, 26 November 2014

55 fun Math activity ideas for preschoolers.

Children can learn Math skills through all different activities and games, however sometimes as early years workers we can become a bit stuck in a rut with our Math planning. I have put together a list of some different ideas you may like to try out. Most of the ideas can be adapted so they fit into your theme.

1.       Make some numbered play dough mats.
2.       Roll the dice and count the number.. can you find the corresponding numeral. Can you find that many toys in the room.
3.       Play snakes and ladders.
4.       Go on a number hunt.
5.       Counting and matching pennies.
6.       Print out some missing number boards.
7.       Print out my number book.
8.       Draw large numbers on the ground children have to run to the one whichever the adult calls out.
9.       Singing counting songs.
10.   Play with number lacing cards
11.   Play with number or picture dominoes.
12.   Introduce children to looking at measure, length, width, capacity, height, weight
13.   Make some number bags with different amount of items in.
14.   Counting using objects - match to number card.
15.   Introduce number bonds.
16.   Matching magnetic numbers to number cards.
17.   Building number towers - roll a dice and build a tower that high.
18.   Thread the correct number of beads onto string, pipe cleaners or straws.
19.   Use scales to weigh different items - take scales outdoors and weigh outdoor items.
20.   Use string or rulers to measure different items.
21.   Categorise objects by big or small.
22.   Make a number monster out of a cardboard box - put different numbers into his mouth.
23.   Look at more or less, use props like play dough biscuits, slices of pizza.
24.   Introduce the children to share out snack, making sure everyone has the same amount. Can they share by quantity or weight?
25.   Comparing ourselves to others. For example we all have two eyes, one smile
26.   See how many play dough balls you can make in a minute. Make a graph of everyone’s effort.
27.   Make a group graph of how many children have brown hair, blonde hair etc.
28.   Have numbers printed onto cardboard tubes, children have to put the corresponding number of pom poms in the tube.
29.   Make a 3d graph using duplo
30.   Roll cars down a ramp. Measure how far they go, which goes the furthest
31.   Exploring patterns using toys and pattern cards.
32.   Explore simple prepositions - above, below, beside, in, out. Use child’s favourite toy and put it behind some blocks.. under the table etc.
33.   Play magnetic fishing. Catch a numbered fish and match it to the corresponding number card, or children have to find that many toys.
34.   Count different objects in the garden.. wooden blocks, sticks stones and pebbles..
35.   Thread beads onto pipe cleaners. Stick a sticker on with the number and twist it to make a bracelet.
36.   Fill some plastic gloves with sand or rice and use the fingers to help children complete math questions
37.   Change a connect 4 game to a make ten game by adding stickers with numbers on.
38.   Thread beads onto dry spaghetti which has been stuck into play dough
39.   Make patterns using duplo
40.   Make a number washing line. either use real baby socks with numbers written on or use printable 'washing'
41.   Introduce telling the time.  Put numbers on the floor set out like a clock face. Children have to use their bodies to show the time.
42.   Add magnetic number to slime, gloop, sand etc
43.   Add foam numbers to a water tray
44.   Put number stickers onto cars and make your own cardboard car park with numbers in the spaces. Children have to match the numbered car to the correct car park space.
45.   Sort and count bottles. Bottles have a number written on them and children have to add the correct number of pom poms to the bottle.
46.   Create your own number stones
47.   Make some fun number books.
48.   Count out cutlery at lunch time.
49.   Count how many children are here.
50.   Count, add, and subtract using a variety of objects.
51.   Count how many steps it takes to get across the room, garden, street etc.
52.   Measure large objects with hand span, foot. Is the answer the same for everyone? Why does the answer change?
53.   Count how many fingers in the group, how many toes.
54.   Count as you roll or throw the ball to each other. What number can you get up to before you drop the ball?
55.   Hide different coloured numbered cards around the room. The first team to collect all their numbered cards and put them in the correct order is the winner.

I hope you enjoy doing some of these Math activities with your little ones. Please feel free to add other ideas in the comments I would love to hear them J


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