Monday, 11 May 2015

EYFS themed activity ideas - dinosaurs

This list looks at different activities you could do with your children. There are thousands of other ideas on my 'dinosaur theme’ pinterest board, so please pop along and follow me. :)

All of the 'Dinosaur' activities have been grouped into the EYFS areas of learning that I feel they best fit into, but feel free to rearrange them to suit your planning.

Personal and social development:
·         Dinosaur feeling cards. Draw “feeling” faces on dinosaur templates.
·         Make a dinosaur hotel
·         Create a dinosaur cave role play area.
·         Create an archaeology role play.
·         Write children’s names on dinosaur footprints.
·         Make dinosaur placemats for children.

Communication and language:
·         Make some dinosaur puppets.
·         Ask the children questions relating to dinosaurs, for example… ‘what do you think dinosaurs liked to eat, where did they live?...’
·         What would you do if you saw a dinosaur?
·         Create a group story about a pet dinosaur.
·         Encourage children to make up their own dinosaur name.. make sure it ends in ‘saurus’ ;)

·         Share some dinosaur picture books.
·         Make some dinosaur word cards.
·         Decorate some dinosaur templates.
·         Look at non-fiction dinosaur books with children.
·         Make a dinosaur alphabet line.

·         Use dinosaur feet to measure objects around the home, classroom.
·         Create some dinosaur pattern cards.
·         Make some dinosaurs out of shapes.
·         Make a dinosaur cake.
·         Dinosaur jigsaws.
·         Make a dinosaur about the forces on the kite.
·         Roll a dinosaur and peg the correct number of pegs on its back.
·         Chalk large dinosaurs on the floor – how many children can fit into the dinosaur?
·         Counting/adding/ and subtracting with toy dinosaurs.
·         Play hide and seek with toy dinosaurs.
·         Look at prepositions using dinosaurs.
·         Make some dinosaur matching games.
·         Make patterns with dinosaurs.
·         Look at big and little using dinosaurs.
·         Match dinosaur colour cards.
·         How many shoes fill a dinosaur’s footprint?
·         Measure out dinosaur sizes with toilet roll.
·         Match dinosaur pictures to their silhouette.
·         Make some dinosaur shadow puppets.

Physical development:
·         Use coloured rice to decorate dinosaur templates.
·         Make some dinosaur feet with tissue boxes.
·         Make dinosaur footprint biscuits – use a toy dinosaur to stamp the footprint into a cookie.
·         Use dried pasta/ cotton buds to make dinosaur skeletons.
·         Dig for dinosaurs in the mud tray.
·         Threading around a dinosaur template.
·         Move like a dinosaur.
·         Dinosaur bowling – print out pictures of dinosaurs and attach them to large plastic bottles to make the skittles.

Understanding the world:
·         Make dinosaur trails.
·         Create your own dinosaur fossils, try using clay, play dough or salt dough.
·         Create some dinosaur sensory bins.
·         Dinosaurs in gloop, sand, water, rice…
·         Make ice dinosaur eggs – Put a small dinosaur into a balloon. Pour water into the balloon and freeze it. When it’s frozen cut the balloon off. Children can then play with a frozen egg with a dinosaur inside.
·         Make your own dinosaur world.
·         Go on a dinosaur scavenger hunt.
·         Go to a dinosaur park or museum.
·         Make some dinosaur play dough mats.
·         Create an erupting volcano.
·         Make a flying dinosaur.
·         Make a cress dinosaur.
·         Make grass dinosaurs.
·         Use the internet to find pictures and information about dinosaurs.
·         Make a map of where to find dinosaur bones.
·         Make dinosaur soaps with toy dinosaurs inside.
·         Talk about why we no longer have dinosaurs.
·         Look at different types of dinosaurs – herbivores/ carnivores / omnivores.

Expressive arts and design:
·         Make your own hatching dinosaur picture.
·         Make a dinosaur mobile.
·         Dinosaur printing in paint.
·         Dinosaur songs –
·         Make some dinosaur masks.
·         Make some dinosaur hats.
·         Stick dinosaur stickers onto different background pictures.
·         Make paper plate dinosaurs.
·         Make dinosaurs from leaves.
·         Potato printing dinosaur footprint.
·         Handprint dinosaurs.
·         Dinosaur sponge painting.
·         Dinosaur balloons – stick on cardboard legs, head etc onto a balloon.

·         Make a dinosaur garland.

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