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EYFS themed activity ideas - Goldilocks and the three bears

This list looks at different activities you could do with your children. There are thousands of other ideas on my 'goldlocks and the three bears theme’ pinterest board, so please pop along and follow me. :)

All of the Goldilocks and the three bears activities have been grouped into the EYFS areas of learning that I feel they best fit into, but feel free to rearrange them to suit your planning.

Personal, social and emotional development:

Dress some teddy bears as Mummy bear, Daddy bear and baby bear.
Have a teddy bears picnic.
Discuss whether the children would off gone into the three bear’s house. Touch on being safe and never going anywhere without an adult.
Create a Goldilocks and the three bears role play area.

Communication and language:

Singing the three bears song.
Discuss your favourite character from the story.
Make masks and act out the story.
Discuss what children like for breakfast.. have they ever tried porridge?
Discuss ‘what happens next?’
Can the children describe the characters?
Let the children retell the story with the book and story props.


Look at the beginning sounds of the common words in the story.. i.e. g for goldilocks.
Make a story sack to bring the story alive. Involve children in using the story sack.
Laminate words from the story and display them in the writing area.
Write a letter to baby bear from Goldilocks apologising for breaking his chair etc.
Draw pictures from the story, encourage the children to label their drawings


Find big, middle sized and small items. Compare bears are good for these type of activities.
Create a story map.
Use story sequence cards to help children organise the story.
Make bears out of different shapes
Compare bowls of porridge, who has more, less..
Make some porridge. Weigh out the porridge before and after mixing with milk.
Make a graph of children’s favourite character.


Threading bear pictures.
Cut around bowls of porridge.
Mix porridge in large bowl.
Use paintbrushes to paint goldilocks and the three bears pictures.

Understanding the world:

Make some porridge oats play dough.
Set up a porridge sensory tub.
Set up a sticking table focusing on hard and soft materials.
Use thermometers to test the temperature of porridge.
Make some teddy bear pancakes.
Make a chair structure with mini marshmallows and toothpicks.

Expressive arts and design:

Make puppets of Goldilocks and the three bears.
Decorate a teddy bear picture with finger painting.
Make some paper bag puppets.
Set up the role play area as the three bear’s house.
Draw pictures of the characters.
Make bear masks.
Make a goldilocks wig.
Use clay to make baby bears bowl.
Use musical instruments to compliment the story.

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