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EYFS themed activity ideas - mini beasts

This list looks at different activities you could do with your children. There are thousands of other ideas on my 'mini beast theme’ pinterest board, so please pop along and follow me. :)

All of the mini beast activities have been grouped into the EYFS areas of learning that I feel they best fit into, but feel free to rearrange them to suit your planning.

Personal, social and emotional development:

Create some mini beast reward charts.
Talk about how we feel about mini beasts, which bugs we like and dislike and why.
Create a role play area, something like –‘mini beast hotel’ put in a selection of dressing up items and bug masks or hats.
Play mini beast card games focusing on taking turns and sharing.

Communication and language:

Make some Mini beast cookies, read through the recipe together. Talk about the importance of all the equipment that you use, and use the correct names for items.
Read some mini beast story books, encouraging the children to get involved in the story. Try a simple story like Eric Carle ‘The very busy spider’
Encourage children to talk about their experiences with different mini beasts. Have they ever held a spider? Have they seen a worm on a wet morning?
Use mini beast toys to help children in their understanding of prepositions.
Sing nursery rhymes like ‘incy wincy spider’ encourage children to make up their own rhymes.


Bug splat letters. Children have to splat two matching letters on the bugs. 
Labelling parts of the insects.
Encourage children to look through mini beast books, can they retell or sequence a simple story?
Mini beast letters – can they find the letters of their name?
Can children recognise the initial letter of different bugs names.
Create a mini beast alphabet line.
Look at non-fiction books on mini beasts, show the children where they can find different information.
Draw pictures of mini beasts, encourage them to talk about what they are drawing. Help children label their picture.
Help children write some simple sentences about mini beasts


Counting mini beasts.
Sorting mini beasts by the number of legs.
Mini beast play dough mats.
Play a mini beast bingo game.
Adding with ladybirds spots.
Explore symmetry with butterflies.
Make bugs from shapes.
Match the correct number of bugs to the numeral.
Create a mini beast number line.
Compare to groups of mini beasts, which one has more, less.
Make a graph of children favourite or least favourite mini beasts.
Look at the shapes of different mini beasts.
Make mini beasts out of different shapes.
Weigh different mini beasts, which one is the heaviest..


Mini beast stamping.
Spider web threading.
Balloon printing caterpillar picture.
Roll paper to make snails.
Move like a mini beast.
Threading caterpillars.
Build a spider’s web in the room using toilet roll. Can children climb through?
Make bugs out of play dough.
Worm painting using string or cooked spaghetti.
Cut around simple shapes to make a bug.
Use paint or crayons to draw different mini beasts.

Understanding the world:

Go on a mini beasts scavenger hunt.
Play with mini beasts in the sand.
Mini beasts hidden in green spaghetti.
Set up a mini beast sensory tub with magnifying glasses.
Set up an observation station.
Explore frozen mini beasts. – fill a balloon with a small amount of water. (Enough to create an egg shape) drop a small plastic mini beast inside. Freeze the balloons. Once frozen carefully cut the balloon off the frozen egg. 
Look at different bug’s life cycles.
Set up a bug hotel in the garden.
Hide insects in a bowl of jelly for a fun sensory activity.
Use the internet to find out fun facts about mini beasts.
Make jelly worms. 
Dig for bugs in the dirt.
Have snail races.
Create your own mini beast fact cards.

Expressive arts and design:

Make toilet roll (kitchen roll) butterflies.
Butterfly painting.
Surprise the children with ladybird strawberries for snack.
Make some egg carton bugs.
Mini beast thumb printing pictures.
Make a mini beast leaf collage.
Make some paper plate bugs.
Make a handprint spider.
Create a beehive by gluing together lots of toilet rolls (cut down kitchen rolls)
Create a pipe cleaner dragonfly.
Make a cute spider hat.
Make some tissue paper butterflies to hang from the ceiling.
Make some sparkly glue webs (these will work better on darker paper)
Use bubble wrap to print a bee hive. You could then use thumb prints to create the bees.
Make mini beast masks.
Make mini beast hats.

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