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EYFS themed activity ideas - Transport

This list looks at different activities you could do with your children. There are thousands of other ideas on my 'transport theme’ pinterest board, so please pop along and follow me. :)

All of the transport activities have been grouped into the EYFS areas of learning that I feel they best fit into, but feel free to rearrange them to suit your planning.

Personal, social and emotional development:

Make a birthday train.
Work on team skills by pretending to be a train and moving around the room.
Turn children’s name into a road. These can be laminated and children can drive their toy cars on them.
Make some personalised licence plates.
Put photos of children on different transport pictures.
Make children their own drivers licence.

Communication and language:

Make some traffic light biscuits. Read out the recipe and encourage children to follow the steps in the recipe with you. Talk about the equipment that you need to use.
Discuss how we get to nursery/ childminders home.


Make some name rockets, help children recognise their name and then sound out the letters in their name.
Laminate transport words for the writing area.
Label transport pictures.
Encourage children to make their own passports.
Read fiction and non-fiction books about transportation.
Set up a tub with diggers and dumper trucks in. Put in a handful of small plastic lids with letters on for children to play with.
Make some letter traffic cones.
Make an alphabet train.


Race cars across the room. Which car went the furthest?
Make number roads.
Play the car parking number game. Match the number on the car to the number on the parking space.
Transport jigsaws.
Line up different colour cars. Which line is the longest? Which is the shortest?
Make transport pictures from shapes.
Transport bingo game.
Colour matching games using the colours from the traffic lights.
Transport patterns.
Organise transport.. by air, by sea, by land.
Counting using cars.
Order numbers correctly using trains. Put a different number on each carriage. Children have to put the carriages in the correct order.
Looking at prepositions using transport.
Matching games.
Transport shadow puppets.. can children guess which transport the shadow belongs to.


Traffic light game. Red – stop. Amber – walk. Green – run. 
Pretend to move like a car.. digger etc.
Making chalk roads in the garden. 
Zig-zag car track races. Can the children stay on the track?
Make a handprint sail boat picture.
Make some paper aeroplanes.
Sponge painting transport pictures.

Understanding the world:

Make car ramps – measure how far the car travels after being let go at the top of the ramp. Do the cars travel further if you change the angle of the ramp?
Play with the diggers and other transport toys in the sand, water, pebbles etc.
Transport themed play dough mats.
Make some paper boats.. will they float?
Build and test bridges.
Make some maps. Try and encourage children to use more than one form of transport to get from A to B.
Make some aeroplane tickets.
Make tracks in the play dough with different vehicles.
Balloon modelling – make hot air balloons.
Use duct tape to make a train track around the room.

Expressive arts and design:

Make an egg carton helicopter.
Car rolling in paint.

Paper plate hot air balloon.
Car garage role play area.
Airport role play area.
Make traffic lights
Make traffic signs.
Make cardboard box vehicles.
Car wash in the water tray.
Paper plate steering wheel.
Finger painting on transport pictures.

Make a rocket out of kitchen roll tube.

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