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EYFS weekly activity planner - Transport. (includes free printable)

Welcome to the first of my weekly activity planners. Each week I will look at a new mini theme. This week we are looking at transport. 

There will be a link at the bottom of the post for you to print out this activity planner, I will also leave a link for you to print out a blank activity planner, as you may like to carry on doing work on the theme. (please see my transport themed activity ideas post for more activity ideas)

The weekly activity planner sets out the morning and afternoon activities. If you are planning to do the activity for a certain child the feel free to put the child's initials in the box. 

There is also a section which shows which area of learning and development you are concentrating on.

The last section is left blank for you to fill in. You can make simple notes as to how well the activity went, if the child/children understood the activity and were able to follow instruction etc. 

We will now look more at the activities on the weekly activity planner.


Morning activity:

Discuss how children travel to nursery or the childminders. The focus of the activity is to encourage the children to use their language skills to talk about how they travelled to nursery. Use lots of open ended questions, and be aware of shy children who may prefer to talk in a smaller group or one on one.

Afternoon activity:

Small world area with small plastic letters in digger tray. If you don't have any plastic letters then feel free to print some out. Encourage reluctant children to use the diggers to pick up the letters and put them into the dumper trucks. Ask a couple of prompting questions, but don't overdo it. (remember it should be a fun activity).. ' can they find the first letter of their name?' 'what does digger begin with?' 


Morning activity:

Traffic lights game. This game is best done outside or in a large room. When the adult says 'green' the children have to run around. (try and encourage them to run the same way in a large circle) Children then have to walk when the adult shouts 'amber.' Shouting 'red' means that the children have to stand still.

Afternoon activity:

Car parking number game. This activity requires a bit of preparation. Before you play this game you need to draw lots of parking spaces onto a cardboard box lid (or a piece of paper will do.) You then need to put a number into each parking space and a number on the top of toy cars. Children have to then drive the cars into the car park and match them to their correct parking space.


Morning activity:

Make some maps - try and use more than one type of transport. The main aim of this activity is for the children to think about what type of transport would suit the different areas of the map. For example if they drew a river on the map they would use a boat to cross the water. You could change this activity to suit different children's ability by drawing the map yourself and getting the children to think how they would get to the different parts of the map.

Afternoon activity:

Set up a car wash in the water play area. You can be as creative as you like, but I am sure that a sponge and some soapy water will work just as well.


Morning activity:

Make children their own driving licence. You could either use a photo of the child or they could draw a picture of themselves. Don't forget to put their name on their driving licence to help promote name recognition.

Afternoon activity:

Make some traffic light biscuits.Remember to encourage children to talk about what their doing, learn the names of different utensils, and to be able to reflect on what they did whilst the biscuits are cooking. There is a nice simple recipe here...


Morning activity:

Make some car ramps. How far does the car travel? Try changing the angle of the ramp, does the car go further?

Afternoon activity:

Make a egg carton helicopter. You can find the instructions here..

I hope you and your children enjoy the activities set out in the activity planner. Don't forget you can find more transport themed activity ideas here..

Click here to print out the activity planner....

Click here to print out the blank activity planner...

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