Thursday, 3 September 2015

One trillion stories for kids

I am very excited to bring you a guest article by Dr Nic Andela, the writer of  'One trillion stories for kids' This is not a normal story book but an wonderful idea of how to teach children to tell their own stories using mind maps.

There are links within this post that will take you to Nic's website where you can find more information about his book 'one trillion stories for kids'

Here is his article...


Mind Mapping skills allow people to recall information in the form of visual images, which are far easier to remember than traditional written down text. In the 1970’s the Ralph Haber scientific experiment article showed some fascinating evidence that our brains have an extraordinary capacity to recall imprinted images, essentially perfectly. 

This is the root to the power of Mind Mapping and ordering any number of related ideas visually within an easy to recall structure. Mind Maps were first used by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and are used currently by some of the largest corporation on the planet like Boeing for planning and strategizing. 

The visual inputs are stored in the brain to higher neural quality so that the association link remains sound ready for memory recall and makes for better thinking, creativity and lateral thinking. Learning Mind Mapping will go along way helping you and your kids achieve this.

One Trillion Stories For Kids show’s readers a simple Story Telling Mind Mapping Template in order to help you understand basic Mind Map construction and in this case the Template is structured as the stages of a ‘sprint running race’ for easy understanding. I have introduced three main peripheral Mind Map branches portraying the START, the BODY of the RACE and the FINISH that branch off as main stalks with further branching occurring 
related to these respective ones. 

See the free template download for more details.

The purpose of the Template is to allow you to develop the “ultimate source” of Made Up Stories for your kids for story time with the idea of parents teaching them Mind Mapping early on in life before school and college begins. You will be able to invent your own Templates and store them deep within your brains, to use at a moments notice depending on the mental tasks you are about to undertake.

As you and your kids construct Mind Maps you’ll be able to share them to and intern learn from other people Mind Maps. You’ll also see how personal these Mind Maps become as they become your own learning interpretations manufactured for your recall, but great to see how people think and interpret their own memories.

A little bit about Dr Nic Andela and how he came to write his book:

Dr Nic Andela loves Africa and is passionate about living life to the fullest, teaching young people better education methods, wildlife conservation and learning more about different cultures. The book, “One Trillion Stories For Kids” was inspired while our small family that included my lovely wife Nicky and our little 2yr old Lily at the time, drove a Toyota Prado from London through Europe and down East Africa to Johannesburg. ( 

We embraced so many people through meetings on route, but as we arrived on the last leg of the route I was introduced to the banners of the National Achievers Congress in Johannesburg in 2013, which followed by a book-writing course with Gerry Robert, Publish and Grow Rich and the rest is history and sits on the 
internet in the form of

I’m incredibly proud of this book and every day I’m experiencing readers presenting me with new education application’s e.g. A South African woman is now using Mind Maps to reach deaf children through education using these very visual Mind Map 
master pieces which seem to be having a profound effect for both teacher and student. These stories make this book project so worth while. 


  1. Thanks so much for the website placement Tracy, hope the parents, grandparents, nannies and child educators get great benefit from this free download and mind map teaching opportunity.
    Nic Andela