Sunday, 14 February 2016

EYFS weekly activity planner - Dinosaurs (includes free printable)

Welcome to this weeks weekly activity planner. Each week I will look at a new mini theme. This week we are looking at dinosaurs. 

There will be a link at the bottom of the post for you to print out this activity planner, I will also leave a link for you to print out a blank activity planner, as you may like to carry on doing work on the theme. (please see my dinosaur themed activity ideas post for more activity ideas)

The weekly activity planner sets out the morning and afternoon activities. If you are planning to do the activity for a certain child the feel free to put the child's initials in the box. 

There is also a section which shows which area of learning and development you are concentrating on.

The last section is left blank for you to fill in. You can make simple notes as to how well the activity went, if the child/children understood the activity and were able to follow instruction etc. 

We will now look more at the activities on the weekly activity planner.


Morning activity:

Create a group story about a pet dinosaur - Encourage all your children to voice their opinions. What is the dinosaur called? younger children could draw a picture of the dinosaur, and older children could copy over the writing or write their own sentences.

Afternoon activity:

Use dinosaur feet to measure out objects. - Cut out some 10cm dinosaur feet. Draw a ruler and mark out the centimetres on the footprint. Encourage the children to use their dinosaur feet rulers to measure different toys or equipment in the room.


Morning activity:

Make some dinosaur feeling cards. - Print out some dinosaur templates and help the children draw 'feeling faces' on them. Talk about the emotions of the dinosaurs. Why is the dinosaur sad? when do you feel sad? How could we help the dinosaur feel happy again?

Afternoon activity:

Make some dinosaur feet with cardboard boxes. Use small tissue boxes and add some triangle toes. Get the children to paint them green and maybe add some blue spots. (or decorate them however you like :) )


Morning activity:

Look on the internet for facts about dinosaurs or dinosaur themed preschool games. - Encourage children to use the computers with as little help as required.

Afternoon activity:

Create dinosaur hand print pictures - Once children's hand prints have dried they can use marker pens to decorate their dinosaur.


Morning activity:

Make dinosaur footprint biscuits - encourage the children to make dinosaur footprints on the biscuits with a dinosaur toy before they are cooked.

Afternoon activity:

Make some dinosaur place-mats for the children. - The children can decorate them and write their name on their place-mat before it is laminated for safe keeping.


Morning activity:

Chalk large footprints on the floor, how many children can you fit inside. - Discuss how many children you can fit inside if they are standing, lying down or sitting down. Can the children predict how many will fit inside before you do the activity?

Afternoon activity:

Printing with toy dinosaurs - Use a variety of colours and different sized dinosaurs.

I hope you and your children enjoy the activities set out in the activity planner. Don't forget you can find more dinosaur themed activity ideas here..

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